Show your Corriere!

  1. I haven't seen many of these and never one in person being that our Toki is limited here in TX. I am thinking about getting one of those instead of a Nuvola. I am afraid it is too bulky.
  2. Thank you!! I can't stand that TX is limited on where we can get them. SoHo in Houston drives me crazy. Metropark is fine but they never have any sales in the store.

    What kind of Corriere did you get? I really want a Citta Rosa. I am looking to use it more for a book/laptop bag. I wonder if my MacBook Pro will fit in there.
  3. I once emailed LeSportSac to ask if they had any retailers for their bags in TX, and all they said was that they had 1 store, adn that was in either Austin or Houston, i forget. Either way, it's not anywhere near me! (I'm in North Dallas). I've scoured the metroplex searching for these freakingly addicitng bags! And the only place I found them at is at Metropark, which is still kinda far from. Luckily they'll be opening one that's closer to me.

    ANyway... I got really luckily and scored an Inferno Corriere. I'm not too sure if your Macbook Pro wil fit in there. I have a Macbook myself, and it barely fits into my Campeggio. I have to slide one end in first before it finally snugs in. And from what I've seen and heard, the corriere kind of curves to the side of your hip. If i don't get my corriere in time, maybe someone else here can help you answer that question.
  4. I don't think a laptop would fit in a Corriere. I have one and just out of curiousity I tried to put in a 1/2" three ring binder and it wouldn't zip shut at all. It will zip shut with a couple of regular 8 1/2 x 10" notebooks but thats even a squeeze. I'm not sure how big a MacBook is but if it is wider than a standard notebook then forget about using the Corriere. It is really not a good size for a bookbag as it tapers down at the bottom. I'm not a student but I use my corriere for day trips where I need to carry water, camera, sweatshirt, etc.
  5. I'm getting my first corriere in the mail next week, I think~ I'll have to post pics of it when I get it :yes:

  6. Oo:huh:oo:huh:OO!! Yes Yes Yes!! Pics Pics Pics!! :drool:
  7. Hi ToKiXtina, I know Houston totally sucks bc Macys and Nordstrom does not carry them. The only place I've seen them is Metropark (I saw some AS canguro's marked down). I've had to order most of mine from SH or online. Good luck finding your Corriere!! :tup: