show you mine, SHOW ME YOURS.....LV bags + outfits

  1. I always wear denim and think about which tops and which bag is match........

    Please show me(us) your outfits and LV bags combination!!

    I was playing in my room today which is geek or lonely??
    NO, it was fun by myself!!

    If you guys help me(us), We'll get many ideas for next purchaces.

    I'm first!

    azur speedy 25
    az1.jpg az2.jpg az3.jpg
  2. epi soufflot ivory
    sf1.jpg sf2.jpg sf3.jpg sf4.jpg sf5.jpg
  3. mini noe
    noe1.jpg noe2.jpg
  4. multicolor trouville
    mc5.jpg mc4.jpg mc3.jpg mc2.jpg
  5. reade framboise
    lea2.jpg lea3.jpg lea1.jpg lea11.jpg
  6. cute, love this thred!!! arigatou!!! :tup::heart::heart::heart:
  7. sophia618 - take pics yours, onegai!!
    mines are one pattern dakara!
  8. denim patchwork pouchy
    pou1.jpg pou2.jpg pou3.jpg
  9. wow Damier azur looks great with this shade of green :tup:
  10. deluxeduck - you think so too?? hehehe:p

    I didn't think about to get any azur line but...when I saw azur first time, I wore a khaki green jacket and I found out the green + azur is a good combination!!

    I love it too!
  11. y not u model in those clothes and take the bag. hehehe. :p
  12. Noe Noelie, I love that white see through top of yours! seems to go with everything! Great buy!:tup:That's my favourite! Kawaeeee
  13. wouldn't it be bettter if you included the bottoms, shoes and other accessories too?
  14. wow, that's a lot of work! thanks for showing us! :biggrin:
  15. Wow, I tempted to join this thread because this is my fave thing about LV--choosing clothes to wear with them BUT all I have right now is maternity wear. LOL

    BTW, I like the green top with azur as well. Nice combo!