Show what's in your Med Carly

  1. I know we have had a thread to show what is in your Coach. I too am making a Carly purchase in the very near future. I would love to see pictures of the contents of your Medium Carly's. I think it would help give me a better idea. Postings of Large would be great too.

  2. Here's some pictures of my Med. Black Sig. Carly
    Inside & Out.
    100_2182.jpg 100_2093.jpg 100_2186.jpg 100_2190.jpg 100_2191.jpg
  3. i want a Carly now!!! :p

    Great pictures!
  4. what a roomy carly ! I love the medium size, not too big and not too small, PERFECT shoulder bag i can said !
  5. wow, the carly sure is roomy! love your coach wristlet, it totally matches! ...umm, do i see TWO ipods (one ipod and one shuffle)? lol!
  6. IT is roomy but I wish it was taller so it would keep that lovely slouch no matter how much I stuff in it! I gotta take pics of mine tonight!
  7. Thank you.
    And yes I do have two ipods... the shuffle was an anniversary gift from my bf, it has i love you engraved on the back.:blush: