Show us your winter boots!

  1. Hi girls, i've been looking forever for a pair of mid-range priced, nice leather flat/low heel boots for everyday...., seems impossible to find! I thought it would be fun to see your winter boots collection to get some inspirations! =) now there r so many boots out there when i shop online, it can be hard to pick for many of us. Show us your boots and let us know how u like them!
  2. Hey, I got mine for under one hundred @ the Nine West outlet.
    IMG_4823.JPG IMG_4824.JPG
  3. I got these from Barneys:

    They're very comfortable and warm, but I haven't had much of a chance to test them out yet.
  4. Then there are my newest favorite non-snow boots. These are really comfortable!!! (Loeffler Randall Matilde)

  5. cute boots ladies! im also thinking of getting something knee high, since i hate my chubby kneecaps =p
    Love the Loffler
  6. I'm 5'4 120lbs and they come up to just below my knee. They look cute with just about anything =)
  7. I only have this picture because I never wear my boots. It never gets cold enough here for boots.

    I bought these at Macy's for $169 last year. Some unknown brand.. :confused1:
    The jeans are 7 For all mankind. (BTW the platform heel is about 3 inches high)
  8. [​IMG]Here are a picture of my winter boots..not at all flat, but here they are.
    Im actually still debating on if I should keep them. Can you believe it? Winter is almost over and I havent even worn them.
  9. ^^^^^ Those are freakin hot! Where did you get them? who are they by?
  10. This is the first year I´ve gotten winter boots! I moved from southern to central cali and the weather is colder (I'm a big weather wuss). I bought them at payless and only spent $50 for both pairs and they're both soo cute.

    This is the longer boot, it´s a nice brown that goes perfect with my "I'm a college student who owns nothing but jeans" look lol It also kept my legs incredibly warm while I waited in line for 5 hours waiting for Bestbuy to open lol :smile:


    There is an alternate view on this site

    and I got these because I thought they were cute lol :biggrin:
  11. [​IMG]