Show us your wedding dress

  1. I am getting married in about a year and would love to see what your wedding dress looked like for inspiration, also any top tips you may have!
    Many thanks everyone.
  2. I'm actually going dress shopping this saturday with my bridesmaids. We have 4 different apts for that day, starting at 10:00 am :blink:

    My wedding's Oct. 5, 2008 - so we have time - but they say "it's never too early". I've only really searched online - these are my fave finds from david's bridal - though my fave seems to be out of stock :sad::




  3. oh wow, have fun and congratulations to you too, would love to see the one you pick out.

    All I have decided so far is my little bridemaids all under 12 will have orange ribbon tied around their waist and the page boys orange waistcoats, as it's my beloved's favourite colour, I am going with his orange and my love of green to help guide me.
  4. Lots of girls have pics of their wedding dress posted on the Knot Web site. HTH!
  5. I got married in 2004. My dress is a Vera Wang, it was a very classic design. Here are some pics ...



  6. I love your dress Lori! As much as I love the look of a strapless, it would be to hard to wear a long, heavy strapless dress and not have a wardrobe malfunction, not that I need to worry about it, Im not engaged or anything.
  7. lori you look so beautiful, i really like the black and white photos, think i have to note that idea now right now!
  8. I love that dress on you Lori, especially the color. And its just so classic.

    I'm looking for my dress right now too! I think I'm staying away from pure white because of my complexion. The best advice I have is going somewhere where they have good customer service and know how to pick out dresses that suit your body type. I tried on one that I really loved and is still in the running....
  9. Congrats on the big day!
    I got married June 23rd of this year down in Lake Tahoe, CA.
    I will post a stock photo of my dress but if you want to see what it looks like on a real person, I'd suggest going to and checking out my photos (they are all public).

    It was the perfect thing for my style of wedding, which was outdoors and on the lake, etc. The hemline was exactly what I wanted and I happened to find bridesmaids dresses that had the same type of hemline and matched the color of the lake. The photos of the dress don't really show the luminosity of the crystals and pearls nor did it tell me how heavy the dang thing was! haha, but I loved it.

    I hope you find the right one for you :yes:
  10. I got married in March of this year. Here's my wedding dress w/ matching vail. I didn't think I would pick something beaded but once I put it on and my mom saw it we knew it was the "one". :love::girlsigh:


    Good luck finding yours!!!
  11. it is from the back...

  12. awww I was going to actually work in a Bridal store, and I loved looking for mine.

    Most important piece of advice, dont necessarily discount a dress because of how it looks on the hanger! These are usually the ones that look the most amazing on! Take your time, try and choose alot of diff styles, strapless, off the shoulder, corseted to long, and straight styled etc, and just enjoy your day.

    My wedding was years ago, and while I wouldnt choose this style now, on the day, I couldnt have felt happier! I walked into the store convinced I wanted a slinky straight one, and came out with a big dress, its your special day so go to town lol!! I got mine from Caroline Castagliano, but another of my faves was Catherine Rayner. A couple of piccies here for ya!


  13. aalcantara, you look amazing in your dress :smile:

    The attention to detail in it are incredible. Was it really heavy to wear, or did you look so gorgeous that you just didnt care!!! :biggrin:
  14. Candace, the dress looks wonderful and you look like you could be in the Mediterranean Aisle in that pic!

    And Chloe, you're absolutely BEAMING! Is that your DH in the pic? If so, you and DH have stunning eyes!

    Chanelbaby, congrats. I'm nowhere near walking down the aisle, so I've no advice to give, but I'd love to see what you're considering.

  15. Thanks chloe-babe!!!:shame:
    It actually wasn't too bad. Most of the beading was up-top so really easy to walk in. I can only imagine it with a longer train.

    You looked gorgeous in yours!!! I love the straps on your dress!