Show us your TATS!!!

  1. This is a special on VH1 right now...I have a one in the world knows this besides my husband...people would not believe that I have one...Im off to take a us yours!
  2. on my hip bone
    Picture 228.jpg
  3. Cute! I've been trying to take a pic of mine for the last 10 mins, but its on my back, and I can't get a decent shot of it. :sad:
  4. ^^^ me too. I have two, both on my back. Guess I'll wait till hubby comes home
  5. I asked Dh to take the pic...and I said thank you! and walked away...5 ...yes 5 whole minutes later he SHOUTS!!! Hey Honey...where are you sending that pic?? I said Purse forum baby...he is like....omg...well, atleast its not a man....(as if???) I said.
  6. None for me...sorry!
  7. i dont have one but would like the see the pics.... sunshine, urs is cute..
  8. if I could have it removed I would ....but as I said one sees it...just me (and Dh when I feel like it)...but between botox, bags, and jewelry...I would rather spend my money on other things!!! I was young and impressionable....I love them on other people...and it also reminds me of happy care free days....
  9. lol That was cute. No tats for me! I thought about my SO and I getting matching ones on the backs of our necks though.
  10. Happily tattoo free lol every time I thought about it I would see this old man with a ship peeking out of his shorts. I'm assuming it used to be on his chest :yucky:
  11. you gotta be kidding me...NO ONE has any pics????
  12. dont have a tat yet, but I was watching that special on VH1...
    :heart: Travis Barker:heart:
    ...anyways, I want a tatoo of a small star on my wrist, but for now I've been drawing it on with a skinny sharpie! :amuse:
  13. OK, here's mine! The first one on my ankle, I got when I turned 21. The second, lower back piece is a combination of 2 visits to Maui. The dolphins were done first, (we got married on Maui) & the second trip, I got the tribal waves added. Next time I go, I'm getting some tropical flowers added. As you see, I have a fondness for dolphins & the ocean in general.
    DSC01448.JPG DSC01452.JPG
  14. look at those little dolphins...too cute....
  15. Well, I've thought about having the one on my ankle removed or covered with something else.. I feel it looks a bit "cartoonish" but my husband loves it so I will probably leave it alone. :smile:
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