Show us your skins!

  1. While I love the durability of leather handbags I just find skins like python or croc so breathtaking. I would love to see what else is around so please share your pics!

    Here's mine:
  2. Here is my '04 Chloe python in cognac:



    I love this bag!! :love:
  3. sorry, this is really off topic, but hmwe46, what camera did you use?!?!?! that picture quality is off the hook! it looks professional.
  4. THANKS!!! I am so glad you noticed :p

    It's a canon body, the EOS 20D, if I am reading this right.

    But I think the lense is what ROCKS it!! The lense is the Ultrasonic EF 70-300mm with image stablizer and a polarizing filter. It makes ALL the difference :yes:

  5. GREAT CAMERA! It looks like I can just reach out and touch your bag (LOL)!

    I'm looked at (but didn't purchase) a Canon S3 before Christmas. Not sure what kind of lense it had but I know it had image stabilization. Thanks for the info!

    Oh, and beautiful bag!
  6. Here's my Prada Alligator Bag:

    2 Prada Gator.JPG
  7. Maxter, your bag is stunning! Hmwe46, I agree, great camera! Those pictures are awesome! Hysteric, your bag is lovely as well.
  8. Does ostrich count?
  9. Great bags! I really hope this thread stays drama free. =)
  10. All of these bags are beautiful
  11. :wtf: Wow, that is a stunning bag!! I love the contrast of the pale green/olive green/gold hardware. Ah Dior...:drool:
  12. I love Exotic skins
    here are mine . . .

    green python Jimmy choo
    brown python Mulberry (hard to see in pic, it is behind the green bag)
    greyish lizard Jimmy Choo
    orange Crocodile Nancy Gonzalez
    IMG_9482.jpg IMG_9483.jpg IMG_9738.jpg IMG_9740.jpg
  13. You've got a great collection!!

    Your bag is TDF!
  14. Wow! Gorgeous, everyone.
  15. Loving this! Keep posting!