Show us your SIENNAs

  1. Show us pics of your Siennas. It would be great to see all the different colors and leathers. Nunnla will have to have several posts just to show her brood. True testimony to the phrase "You can't have just one".

    I've got a Metallic Army and a Smooth Black. I am so enticed by many others but 2 is enough for me...right now. Though an Olive one looks luscious.

    Sienna 3.JPG




  2. OOhhh Lexie! How fabulous!!! I have a wonderful brown Sienna - smooooth leather one too. She's gotta be the best Sienna EVER along with the smooth black.
    It's pitch black here right now, so I will be sure to post in the a.m. - my best friend - whatdafriend - she is a bag monger like me. She bought both the brown AND the black...and parted with the brown one!! I was soooo thrilled!!! She's pretty sure she's going to pass down her black to me too, so I'm so excited because it's the smooth leather that really gets to's so soft and squishy - I'm telling you the 2005 Fall Line was the best line...IMO.
    I promise promise promise to post the brown in the a.m., k?
    I'm going to beg my friend for the black too. She's very fickle and I think she changed her mind entirely. It's good to have a friend like that after 25 years.....:wlae::heart:
  3. Hey Joelle...Does your friend know what she is missing? The Espresso one is gorgeous. I should know...I bought one a few weeks ago on eBay but my Sister has had it ever since. I will get it back one day...I better. I have one pic of her before she stole it from me.

  4. I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow since someone else is awake... if you know what I mean...;)
  5. Lexie--that MA is so nice..
  6. Hey Kooba goddesses! Here's my Sienna in her to death! :heart:

    I got her last year on a total whim just because I liked the style of the bag (it is a real departure from my others). I literally had no idea how insanely popular this bag would be! I've gotten a lot of compliments on it around here but I have yet to see another one here in the Seattle area IRL. youngster and I are convinced we're the only ones around here, LOL. But please feel free to prove us wrong if there are other Northwest Kooba gals out there!
  7. Love it Pursegirl. The Desert leather is so nice and sometimes I am mad at myself for not getting something in it. The Closest thing I have to that leather is the Maria in Terraine.
  8. No, I don't..:confused1:
  9. Oh wow Lexie!!! That's just like the one I have!!!! Does yours have the gold metal pull or the leather pull on the inside? Mine is the metal pull....the black one that I'm 99% sure I'm getting also must be the '05 Fall collection too because the leather looks like that too....and has the gold metal pull as well.

    Pursegrrl - that's a GORGEOUS desert Sienna! Fabulous!!! I would say "oohh - next purchase!" but I have my Desert Marcelle that I love so very much....but redundancy never hurt anyone! :heart:

    I'll be back tomorrow!!!!
  10. I have the black smooth leather Sienna just like Lexies. But That brown one is a looker:tup: I dont know know if I would be as nice and let my sister use it. Maybe for a few days LOL.
  11. thanks, drooling over all these amazing Siennas! Believe it or not my desert Sienna is the lightest bag I have. Unfortunately I have a stain on one of the lower sides (sunscreen?) and the upper handles have patina'd a little faster than I expected. Anyway she is super smooshy and snuggly...but soon will be going into hiberation when the weather turns...not a good idea carrying her in the rain around here!

  12. The hubby is awake and will murder me if he sees all these bags appear..

  13. OK:smile:
  14. Ok, a few more colours, Cognac


    And Ivory
  15. Gorgeous bags. I love the Sienna. I only have three though, :angel: espresso, desert and ivory. Love them all. Will try to dig up my pics and post tomorrow.

    Maggie, great pics! Love the way you captured them. Your ivory bag is looking really good too!