Show us your patina!

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  1. I know we have a lot of talk about bathing and cleaning our vintage Coaches, but what about that rich vintage patina on the camel and british tan bags? I don't personally have any pics to share, because I can only find tan vintage bags that are really clean for some reason (lol). But I do LOVE when these bags get darker around the edges and on the straps! In fact, I wish there was a way to speed up the process on mine as I'm getting impatient

    I have noticed lots of LV owners will try to speed the patina process on their leather handles, but I can't find any threads where Coachies do this.

    So if you have an older Coach with that awesome aged look, do share! And I'm curious to hear if anyone has actually purposefully sped up the process to get that color!
  2. My British tan bag isn't older per say, it's a remake of the Maddison satchel but i carried it for a few months so it did get a bit darker, she's all dust bagged right now, maybe later i can take a pic.

    I do have another brand where the handles darkened, personally i prefer to let the process happen naturally, to me that is idea lol.

  3. I totally agree! Nothing compares to letting it form naturally. I love how the darker areas seem to get shiny over time also

    Do share pics when you can! Here is a pic of the camel one I'm wearing now. I believe it was made in 1999. I purchased it second hand and it still needs to be broken in lol. The darker areas in the photo are just shadows. It's made flat but the leather is so puddly!

  4. Very nice, i like how the strap adjusts. The leathers being allowed to age bring on a nice 'natural' look... to me that cannot be forced, it's the beauty of natural leather.:cool:

  5. Thank you :smile: And I totally agree! A friend of mine who isn't big into handbags uses a very old coach that she found at a garage sale for $3. The bag is aged to total perfection! Like I said, she isn't in love with bags the way we on TPF are, so she just uses it all of the time and it gets banged around a lot and never cleaned. But it looks amazing lol. Here is a pic of a Patricias Legacy flap I have that I also want to break in.

  6. My very old Court bag. I wore this, alternating it with a black Court, for at least three years straight. I would clean it with some Lexol and melatonin, or if necessary Saddlesoap. I still wear this little Court every once in a while. It has a piece of my heart…

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  7. This is such a cute bag! The court is one style that I don't own, but wish I did! You've taken amazing care of it :smile:
  8. Thanks so much. Occasionally I see a Court in the street and I like it before my mind even registers what it is. Thanks again.
  9. I love this bag. I adore the handle on the top. It does look quite a bit like the bag I posted in the other thread. I'll post a picture again here since it fits the theme!

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  10. Thanks ... Great to see her here :smile:
  11. I didn't see these replies! I LOVE that bag!

    And I should probably update that I'm now the proud owner of a black Court bag, and have a brown one headed to me now as well. Yall are such enablers it's not even funny lol
  12. You can't go wrong with a Court. I love them. Note to self: MUST WEAR MY COURT BAG :smile:
  13. Ditto!!! I can't wait to get the brown one! Where I live it's 100 degrees outside and I want to wear my black one but it feels too hot for a black bag, if that even makes sense lol. Plus i think this brown one coming in might have some of this patina that I love so much! My obsession with these vintage Coaches is causing me to have to sell all of my other bags that aren't vintage Coach just to make room for and justify this thing I'm into now
  14. This Coach belonged to my grandmother. I can't capture the true golden color though. 2016-07-22_21.24.33.jpg
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  15. You can see the different color the outside took on, but it is more pronounced irl.