Show us your Outstanding October Purchases....

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  1. Thank you rajj! Good luck finding the Work...will let you know if I come across one too :biggrin:
  2. Sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much for your help : )
    Ya I got it authenticated in Aug but just wanna be extra sure...
    mine is 115748.1000
    J. 002128

    hope its right :amuse:
  3. YUMM and YUMM ... !!!!
  4. :d:d:d

  5. Absolutely beautiful!
  6. DV Part Time!

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  7. What an amazing colour!
  8. gorgeous

  9. Sooooo pretty!
  10. Just bought a black 2013 day, love it just trying to justify the purchase to myself :smile:. I'm a mom, will use it a lot, so wanted to start with one in really good condition that I won't worry about too much. Now I want to buy a pre-loved one in a color. This is the beginning of an obsession i think!
  11. City MGSH n Hip RH in Rouge Cardinal
    With or no blitz still colors in pics a bit off than irl
    Sorry about the pics its just refuses to stand up :weird:

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  12. I'm a clutch girl and love my new Premier in Jacynth with the Rosegold hardware.

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  13. An oldie...2007 Plomb Work with GSH. So soft.


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  14. City RH in 2013 Ultraviolet 20131031_132344.jpg
  15. 2013 :smile: