Show us your Outstanding October Purchases....

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  1. Oh my my, its beautiful, it's so PURPLE! Looks better than on a city or part time.
  2. Hi mere girl~ Im wondering if you can help me out ! I also got this city few months ago and im loving it! But I'm wondering if you could give me the code on your tag just to make sure mine is 100% authentic, cuz I couldnt find anyone else on here with the same black one. Thank you in advance :smile:
  3. hi - yes of course - although you can post pics in the authenticate thread if you are unsure..

    the leather tag on the bag (back of the tag) reads -
    J. 1669

    the white paper tag -
    2013 1 115748 AZK13 1667

    I think they also released this in 2012 3 the date code on the back of the tag may be a K ....
    do post pics just to make certain if you like..
  4. This is beautiful.
  5. That is simply beautiful!!!
  6. Wow, it's insanely beautiful, urbangrid! The RG against GT is a perfect combo. We are many here who love neutrals and prefer them over the purple, orange and other colorful ones ;) So def not an unpopular color in my view.

    Enjoy your new beauty!

  7. I love my Gris Tarmac too. It is the perfect gray.
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  9. I'm drooling this is gorg, I live the chèvre. I really would love a velo in chèvre.. Fingers crossed I can find one!

  10. Omg! I was just thinking that too!! Grey is one of my favorite colors, and I just DIED when I saw your beauty!! Congrats! 😍
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    Last edited: Oct 19, 2013
    My very first bal! got it preloved in super mint and just sooo perfect from day to night! 2011 Giant Chic Box! 😁👌

  12. Great choice! This is SO beautiful. Wished I snagged me a Black one too! I betchu this is going to last you a lifetime and more. Congratulations!

  13. Got this yesterday, sure she is a Grey Gris First S/S 2006.

    Love it! First outing is later on today, can't wait to pick the perfect outfit to show her off.

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  14. I love your bag! I have been looking for this combination for the work everywhere, but can not find it. Keep looking.
  15. Love all the October purchases! :smile: I finally decided to buy the black suede city with silver hardware! Seriously the best Balenciaga purchase ever. After buying several suede b-bags the last couple of months I'm starting to prefer the suede leather over the lambskin one. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1382205777.012110.jpg