Show us your Outstanding October Purchases....

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  1. Motorcycle City 2013 Rouge Cardinal Giant 12 SHW
    (With Money Wallet 2012 Coquelicot in Rosegold HW)

  2. Wow nice :biggrin:
  3. What a stunner :love: I love red with GSH.
  4. Love everyone's new purchase!
    Just got the Gris Tarmac City with RGGH's the perfect gray bag in every single way!
    Not sure why it's not a popular color but I absolutely love it :biggrin:

    Attached Files:

  5. gris tarmac is just perfect :loveeyes:
  6. wow, I treated myself with the queen of all my purses:

    dark violet work -- can not stop carrying it everywhere and fearing that it will get corners LOVE

    here it is with Hermes and Tolani scarves

    Attached Files:

  7. With my sensible head on I decided against the black suede city...and I chose this beauty instead.
    2013 Black Holiday City - Hamilton leather with gold hardware. Filled up ready to go on her first journey! :biggrin:

  8. Nancy, your mini city looks absolutely scrumptious! Enjoying rocking that beauty!

  9. Stunning MG!!! Hope this one is a keeper:smile:
  10. I got this stunning palladium bangle....


  11. ooh..this looks very special - I love it!

  12. thanks....and so do I! :graucho:
  13. Oh mere girl, that is GORGEOUS!!! Congrats!