Show us your NON-Mulberry purchases!

  1. Littlehanoi, that is such a pretty bag! I love the vernis and the colour, just lovely. Congrats! :smile:
  2. Thank you, the problem is I am so afraid of getting mark on her ( I am so clumsy and having a baby).
  3. Lovely! Are they that easy to mark?
  4. I go to work with bus so don't want to bring so nice bag and the SA told me that it might be colour transfer.
  5. Congrats on the baby - how wonderful! :flowers:
  6. Beautiful bag! :smile:
  7. Beautiful bag..... I love Vernis :smile:
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    I hope this link works coz I'm having trouble uploading pictures of my new purchase. Here goes.....

    I have admired these for a while and finally went for it in the Selfridges 20% off event.
    I really love it but it will definatly be my last bag purchase for a long, long time!
  9. So pretty! Congratulations :smile:
  10. Lovely Bal really sritking i havent any bals in my collection but i love this one. Well done on a fab purchase. 20% is even better.
    Ive just bought my holy grail mulberry which will keep me quiet for a while.
  11. Thank you. I'm really pleased with her.:smile:
  12. Thank you. Yes, the 20% was the clincher! :smile: I think she's pretty special.
    Congrats on finding your holy grail bag... You have such an eye for the Mulbs! :smile:
  13. Thanks Summersunshine i just love Mulberry its my fav brand 4 ever.;)
  14. Welcome to the Bal club. She is a stunner, but be warned, it is a very slippery slope,imo more so than Mulberry.
    I had one Bal and before I knew itbI had *ahum* a few:graucho:
    Bal has imo the best colours and the softest leather