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  1. As ive just sold my Thames GM d/ebene it was far too big and am going to replace it with this beauty soon.:woot:
    What do you think?
    Jumping the gun a bit but you know what im like.;)
    Damier Ebene Ribera PM.jpg
  2. That's lovely Jan! I really like the shape with the two zippers and damier always looks so elegant. Is that one of naughtipidgin's?
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    Thanks i like the shape as well it looks so stylish and compact.:cool:
    Yes it is. Her shop is closed though shame ive sent her an email to see if i can buy it now if not will have wait patiently until she opens after the hols. There are some also on eBay but in the larger size. Do u think the bigger is better or not?:biggrin:
  4. I like the Thames JAN, I hope you will be able to sell at a good price as you just got it. Don't you ever lose too much money on selling recent acquired bags?
    I like the Saumur, it looks so handy
  5. Hi Loveheart it was just too big for me shame as it was lovely Sunblock was right and its gone to a buyer in Canada and i got a little bit on top the fees are so bad.
    I broke even so its all good.
    I know i had silly offers and so i waited patiently.
    I was thinking the same if it goes then fine it not ill keep it but it went.
    I really need an L/V that i can use and not store away. I have the red vernis Thompson st and a large organiser/purse in the classic mono.
    So D/ebene would be nice i think still deciding.
    Samur does look quite handy.:smile:
    The totes are so smarter imo than the cross body's but not as practical.
  6. Cute bag & looks in fab condition.....congrats J.A.N
  7. Thanks designerdiva.
    Fab trio.
    Im pretty sure you will look really cool in all of them. :cool:
  8. Nice items there. I was nearly going to get them too but I already have some similar ones from KG. Still waiting for my Zara coat off eBay :sad:
  9. Thanks honey..... I have a weakness for anything with studs I forgot to post the clutch I got from zara, thats got studs all over the front..... I'll post a link to it :smile:
  10. Thanks honey :smile:
  11. Wow loving that coat! So cool
  12. Its gorgeous isn't it but I have to confess to seeing it on Rochelle from the saturdays in the celebrity forum & it looked so good on her...... I love the Saturdays style ;)
  13. The coat is really cool.Like the boots too!
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