Show us your NON Mulberry purchases!

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  1. I'm commenting again because this colour is stunning & agree with Steph its the perfect colour for Autumn Winter.......I think I might have to stay away from TPF......Too much temptation :biggrin:
  2. Lovely warm colour, enjoy your new bag, I love the style of it :biggrin:

    Wish I lived closer to Harrods!!
  3. I love this bag, beautiful.
    I'm on the sofa now until my London trip at the end of the year when I hope to get a Bal :smile:
  4. Gorgeous colour, Loveheart!
  5. Not a super expensive designer bag, but charming just the same. I especially love the monogram detail! Super durable too, and because I live in the states, like Mulberry, a rare sighting!
    image-3083616495.jpg image-370338319.jpg
  6. Cambridge satchel! I LOVE these!

  7. The two-tone colour scheme is really eye-catching! The monogramming is a very nice detail, too. :smile:
  8. I love Cambridge satchels and Zatchels!! And the monogram makes this extra special!

    The only reason I haven't bought one yet is because I am not sure about is you have to undo and do up the buckles each time you go in and out of the bag. I would just end up leaving them undone. How are you finding it?
  9. Me too!!!! I want to get another one! I'm eyeing the 12inch in black with silver monogram. I think it would make a nice going out or slightly dressy evening cross body!

    Thanks! I loooooved the two tone navy oak detail. It totally sold me on this particular style.
  10. You do have to undo and do them every time you want to get in and out of the bag. I leave them undone if I know the next time I pick it up I am going to use the cross body strap. But if you pick it up undone by the handle it is no good. The traditional satchel doesn't have the top handle so if you were interested in that style it wouldn't be an issue for you. I don't find the straps too tiresome to buckle and unbuckle to be honest. No more than getting in and out of Alexa or Roxy.
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    I have been longing for this printed Tauiti beauty ever since seeing it online, was less tha half price so I am over the moon! The leather is gorgeous and the print looks like silk, I think it is really going to add interest to everyday outfits and ofcorse there is plenty of room for shopping!


    Alp731 your satchel is so cute, I love the monogramming, do the company do that for you?
  12. .
    Lovely colours BP, and ALP, I love your mono satchel!
  13. Love your bag! The colors are lovely! Cambridge Satchel Company does Monogram it for you. I think it's what sold me on getting one!

    Thanks kyliegul!!!
  14. Yours is beautiful and two tones together - lovely! You may have convinced me but I have to see them irl to see which size would suit me. Would you recommend one of these for casual use and on holiday? I am looking for a big enough bag to take on holiday for general everyday sightseeing but not too big that it'll get heavy (I have a tendency to fill space if it's there :biggrin: )
  15. This is lovely, Button! I can see this being used all year round! :smile:
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