Show us your NON Mulberry purchases!

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  1. I don't know where my Pug love comes from TBH- we had labs and setters growing up and my DH's had springer spaniels and labs. He'd agree with you on the drooling and heavy breathing annaswe-I think it adds to their charm:p
  2. I always thought that A, but honestly Pooky doesn't snuffle or drool or even heavy breathe ............ our little Chihuahua however snores like a huge old man ;) x:lol:
  3. Wow, some Lovely purchases here from everybody.

    Glad to see you made the right decision with your bal mamab. You were so right to get the g21 before it's gone forever.

    I've got a hankering for something else but still banned :sad:
  4. Mamabenny, your Chloe Marcie is BEAUTIFUL! Love, love, love the Marcie!
  5. Mamab that is one heavenly Bal! :yahoo: Welcome to the groovy side! :giggles:
  6. I agree our little x one does not snuffle or drool, however he does snort & sneeze all over you & sheds all the time, he is very fussy (among other things). Likes to watch TV but barks every time a dog appears, so so irritating but never a dull moment with a Pug & we love him to bits. :doggie:
  7. Yay got the Alexander McQueen scarf I've wanted for a while, my sweet DH bought it for me as an early Mothers day present, it looks great with my new Prada bag
  8. Love it! x
  9. Thanks sweetie & I think this will get worn a lot, I love a bit of leopard print :graucho::graucho:
  10. Ohh lovely scarf DD, very good combo with your new Prada! Congrats... (what a lovely DH you have, can't you ask him to call mine and lecture!?)
  11. Lovely scarf DD, what a nice DH you have
  12. I haven't been in this thread for a while as just got back from holiday - some lovely purchases from everyone, just catching up!

    Its my birthday on Sunday (32 - eeeek!) and I bought myself this Tiffany pendant as a pressie from me to me :biggrin: I love the Victorian look of it and thought it would look nice layered on a longer chain either with a little diamond key charm I also have from Tiffany's or my DBTY necklace.

    No significant purchases on holiday but my dad gave me an Apple MacAir which I am so chuffed with (first Apple laptop and I love it).. managed to stay away from bag buying at the airport which was hard! :angel:
  13. Ha ha Ratrat although there is probably a reason he's being so generous.... He must want something :graucho::graucho:
  14. Hmmm I keep wondering what he must be after :lol:
  15. Lovely necklace, I got back into YG just over a year ago & have since been selling all my silver jewellery, I think YG is such a warm colour, this will look fab layered & I do this with a couple of Tiffany Key pendants that I have & they look cute
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.