Show us your Nicholas Kirkwood

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  1. Hi I have pairs in black and pewter leather. I have traveled while wearing the black ones, including tons of walking around San Francisco streets and hills in them. The leather shoes are pretty durable, I don't know about the suede versions. I do keep shoe trees in them when not wearing, to help save the toe the shape of the shoe.
  2. Thanks for letting me know! Good to know that you do lots of walking in them, which is a testament to their comfort and durability. I was trying to decide between black, pewter, and possibly grey leather. Are the pewter ones very shiny/metallic-y but still okay for daytime wear?
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  3. Glad I helped. My black pair are serious and my pewter pair are fun. I have worn the pewter pair to formal functions and also with faded ripped jeans and a white tee for casual dinners. The pewter are more of a glisten than super shiny. I don't like to buy things in bulk but I may get a pair in yellow suede this summer. If you buy a pair I really hope you enjoy them.
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  4. Oh, I like how you style your pewter ones! They seem so versatile. Maybe I should go for pewter since I have black Gucci Princetowns, which will be my serious ones. Yellow suede sounds yummy and perfect for summer. Thanks again for your help!
  5. Does anyone have the Casati loafers? They are sold out everywhere in smaller sizes it seems, but I'm thinking about trying to hunt them down for FW17. But I'm a bit worried about the pearls falling off?
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  6. I'm having the same question..seriously deciding to get them, they're so chic! Pls share your experience if you've bought them already..
  7. B990F26F-7219-46D3-86B6-7DB1B9624AFF.jpeg Here is my little Nicholas Kirkwood family. The pink ones are probably one of my biggest shoe scores of all times - I got them at a sample sale (don’t think this shade of coral-pink was ever actually produced) for £50.
  8. Anybody has the casati sandals? Any tips on sizing? Thanks!
  9. Hi all! I have just bought the velvet beyas from the NAP sale. They are good lengthwise, but I think too narrow. It’s almost torture on my feet. I am a 38.5 in most shoes, a 39 in Isabel Marant and I usually size up to 39 when there is no half size option. In us sizes, I take an 8, I find that they run more generous than European sizes. I’m so sad, i wanted them so badly, especially after trying to cut down on my leather and meat consumption ... maybe I should size up in 39, but I’m afraid they are sold out
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  10. they do run narrow but at least the leather ones have some give-not sure velvet would loosen.
  11. Yeah... I’m so sad. They are beautiful.
  12. Does anybody know if the Beya loafers ever come in a smooth leather instead of the pebbled one?
  13. Hi ladies! I have 2 pairs of the regular Beyas and I can’t get enough! They look so polished and number 1 of course is that they are comfortable and easy to walk in.
    Now obsessing about the backless Beyas. Just to confirm, go up half a size vs regular Beyas?
    Thanks in advance!
  14. Does anyone have the pearl booties from a couple of years ago? They look so cute.
  15. What’s the recommended sizing for wide feet? I see mixed reviews from the thread, but no mention if they have wide or narrow feet. Help please? I wear a 39 in Gucci Brixton loafers :smile: