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  1. I love these and just purchased them. Does anyone have information on them? IMG_1478330968.559773.jpg
  2. Been eyeing the Beya flats for so long now. Ready to buy/ pre-order my first pair! Any tips on current season sizing? I'm a US8.5 EU39 medium width. Thanks!
  3. They fit true to size for me. I'm a US 6.5/EU 37. I have four pairs.
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  4. Thank you befrank!
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  5. True to size for me too, I ordered lots of different sizes to try on.
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  6. mine are all 1/2 up from my US sizing, US9, beya 39.5
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  7. Thank you curlsaloud and rdgldy! I'll order my usual EU39. Now to decide which color...hmm
  8. Got these babies last Thursday ..... on sale the Room Toronto
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  9. Just curious , what did you not like about the backless Beyas? I'm obsessed with the white pair and am thisclose to ordering. I have a pair of regular black Beyas and adore them but I feel like the backless ones would be a nice alternative considering how much I'm loving slides right now. Did you find they fit like the regular Beya?
  10. I pulled the trigger on the white backless Beyas... they should be here tomorrow!
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  12. For the Beyas, do you guys size up in the event of broad feet? My feet are pretty broad, and I always very conflicted if it's necessary to size up haha
  13. Hi jelly! How did your backless Beyas work out? I'm eyeing a pair myself and wondering what size to get.
  14. I like them! Weather has been horrendous so have not worn them yet. I'd say probably size up half a size. I got my usual size and they just fit, but my foot will likely hang a bit over (0.5 size up was sold out).
  15. Glad they worked out and thanks for the sizing advice! I haven't ordered them yet due to sizing question but also feeling anxious about the pointy toe -- afraid I might scuff them too easily. I do a lot of running around and am hard on my shoes these days.

    Hope the weather improves, so you wear your beauties!