Show us your Nicholas Kirkwood

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  1. :smile::smile:
    I stuck with the 40. They haven't stretched much, more just bedded in.
  2. Got it -- do you think 39.5 would have worked?
  3. I am a 37 and I have Beyas in 37 and 36.5. The 37s have a slightly loose fit and the 36.5s are snug. The smaller pairs have not stretched much yet.
  4. These are beautiful and so neutral...I'm betting you'll wear these often. Great choice!
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  5. I tried the 39.5 and they fit but I felt my toes were slightly squished, I could have got away with them though i just felt the 40 was more comfortable. So for me TTS. I adore them, would like another colour.
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  6. Thanks! After a few days of trying on the 37, I went back to Saks to exchange for 37.5 (TTS).
  7. Does anyone have the backless Beyas yet?
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  8. No, but curious! Don't think I'd like the heeled version.
  9. I was looking at the backless online today, the price point is not crazy. I'm really tempted, but I already have 2 pairs of regular Beyas that I wear all the time.
  10. I ordered, so will update! I think in dark colors I prefer these to the Gucci Princetown, and the price is better as well. But I'm still dying for burgundy Beya loafers if I ever find in my size!
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  11. So I didn't like the backless Beyas and ordered several regular pairs of Beyas. I had tried a 36 that was quite tight so thought a 36.5 would be perfect. I am usually a 36 to 36.5 so this time I ordered 36.5 and 37. At first, trying on at night, the 37s were too big and 36.5 seemed good with a little looseness in the hell. This morning the 37s (which are suede) fit and the 36.5s (black leather) are quite snug especially in the front.
    I thought feet were supposed to be bigger at the end of the day! These shoes seem to fir differently whenever I put them on :P

    Long story short I don't know which to keep - will the leather ones stretch out at the toe? Do they tend to rub at the heel? I love them and they are hard to find on most sizes so I'd love to keep them. I also wonder if the 37s in plum suede, which are gorgeous, will stretch TOO much. It's all very fist world problem confusing but I know many of you have tons of Beyas....can you weigh in? I have about a day to decide as I am leaving town soon :flowers: TIA!!
  12. I find the leather does stretch and sort of mold to your foot. Mine usually feel tight initially. I size 1/2 up in them.
  13. thank you!!
  14. Congrats on your Kirkwoods, if you decide to keep them. I have two pair of Kirkwoods. I wear a US10, IT40.5 or 41. In Beyas I have to 41s, my first pair was in black leather and I almost gave up and sent them back because they were tight, tight in the length and the toe, but I loved them, so I wore them a bit everyday for a week, either out to dinner or sometimes just around the house. They molded to my feet after about 5 days of gently breaking them in, now almost a year later I can walk everywhere in them, hills and all and wear them 24 hours if I wanted. My second pair in pewter, also 41s were good to wear everywhere right out of the box. So far no stretching out, I wear both pairs regularly and I have shoe trees in them when they are stored. Hope this helps, I would like a suede pair but can't decide on a color.
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  15. Thank you so much. Thanks to you and rdgldy I'm keeping the black ones! Would love to find plum suede in a 36.5.
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