Show us your new Paddingtons!

  1. It seems like 90% of the girls on this board have recently purchased a Paddington, whether it be their 1st or 7th! Hee hee. I'd love to see all these photos in one thread!

    Here are mine, TBC in reply...
    Paddy001.jpg Paddy002.jpg Paddyside001.jpg Paddyside002.jpg Paddyside003.jpg
  2. Here are the rest of my photos of Paddy!
    Paddy_padlock.jpg Paddy_strap-attach.jpg Paddy_all.jpg
  3. What is this color called??? I don't think I have seen it...
  4. Here is my rouge Christmas present with the Louboutin lastic bootes :love:

  5. It's the chocolate, but I think it came out darker in the light. Right now I look over and it's a lighter chocolate. Heh heh.

    Wahh, should I do my photos over?? ;)
  6. I love the chocolate :love:
    I want one too... where did you get yours from?

    hmwe46, congrats on your rouge paddy :yes:
    BTW, I "LOVE" your collection :drool: :drool: :drool:
  7. My beloved 2005 choc and tan :yes:
    chloe sisters.JPG
  8. here is my new rouge paddington too!
  9. Ah what and eye candies here, congrats everyone!:yahoo:

    Here's my latest (got it on december but I haven't yet posted it, have I...?:shrugs: ), sable paddy;
    IMG_2855.JPG IMG_2857.JPG
  10. +sonja+, I love your sable!!!
    How can you find the sable paddy?
  11. i love the sable too, a real go with everything bag :yes:
  12. Chloe-babe, I love the bus charm hanging from your rouge! :love:

    Bleu Nuit :love:


  13. Here is my 05' chocolate and I have a brand new rouge on the way!!!:yahoo:
  14. My Gris-Vert Zippy Large:


  15. Thanks, I truly love this colour! I'm the 3rd (? owner but it's in perfect condition, I guess you can only find pre-loved ones now:rolleyes: When I bought it I wasn't 100% sure if it's craie or sable as the 2nd owner bought it as a craie... she told me she thinks it's rather sable as it's sooo pink and luckily that's what it was!:yahoo: I also need to thank D&G and Hmwe who helped me to find it & in identicating the colour!:flowers: :flowers: