Show Us Your MK Wallets!

  1. I would love to see what you have! Post away!
  2. I've just got the Brown Sig Continental Zip Wallet right now ... I'm also going to pick one up in black this Fall...

  3. Neon Pink Saffiano Zip Around
  4. This is gorgeous !!! This is what I'm looking to pick up in Black .... But that Neon Pink is DREAMY!!!
  5. How is the Saff holding up? I want this in dark dune.
  6. Thank you! I love your siggy one! I LOVE pink and its so fun and bright and easy to find in any bag!

    So far really well! I would recommend! :tup:

  7. Black signature continental wallet ! Just got her in the mail :smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1379020726.787587.jpg
  8. My beautiful Python embossed Iphone continental wallet :smile:


  9. LOVE IT!!!! It's gorgeous!!!!! :love:
  10. I have the MK Saffiano Color Block Wallet, the coin pouch in the back is white and the interior is the same color as the border. I love it and I've met cashiers who love it too asking me where my wallet was from.
  11. It's beautiful!! :smile:
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1379237671.451667.jpg Here is my wallet in the pretty Mandarin colour. I have the jet set tote in the same colour too 😊
  13. This color ROCKS!!!!
  14. Hi all! Here are my two wallets. I totally love them both!
  15. Both are just gorgeous! :smile: