Show us your minimalist closet

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  1. Since we talked about this in the 'anyone thinking of doing a big closet cleaning' thread, I thought it would be a good idea to start this thread since a lot of people here are currently cleaning out their wardrobes and I think here we can share our updates regarding the wardrobe by posting photos. You can also show things you add to your closet to make it more clearer, such as white wooden hangers for example or maybe smart organizing methods.
  2. Great idea for a thread as I would love some ideas, my wardrobe is stuffed full and needs some serious cleaning.
  3. I will post my white hanger pic later when at home - my closet is a work in progress and not yet "minimal" but less full than it was lol...
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  4. Come on guys waiting for those photos...:useless:
  5. Bump!!

    Someone inspire me...
  6. photo-38_2.JPG

    Here's is my picture with my new white hangers - I love them! Trying to get the feel of a calmer, more neutral wardrobe - along with less - but less color, etc. - I truly feel so much happier by limiting my things to black/white/grey with a little bit of blue and plum - got rid of brown skirts, pants and shoes because I don't love brown! Just bought it because I didn't have it before - now realizing a lot by looking at fashion blogs and pinterest where my true likes are. I'm still big on animal print and stripes - those aren't going anywhere :biggrin: - but simpler colors and less of everything. Making a little money by selling helps too!
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  7. YAY I'm so glad to see this thread! I hope to post pics very soon but I still haven't ordered my new white wooden hangers and I don't want to post pics until I do the switch-over. The ones I really want to order are about $7 each so I'd be spending a small fortune unless I get the cheaper ones which I'm sure are fine. I would like to get the fancier ones for all my coats since they require more substantial hangers. Hope to see more pics from all the new 'Minimalista's' here on the PF!!! :smile::woohoo:
  8. I'm in .. for some reason, I have been doing some serious bans but closet doesn't look any better.. would love to take some tips from you ladies...
  9. Love the idea for this thread! I'll take pictures of mine when I get home. The minimalist closet threads have inspired me to get my closet to where it is now.
  10. My closet is pretty small, and I like to keep all if clothes on a hanger (except lounge and running clothes), so I try to keep a pretty edited wardrobe. The layout is pretty simple- clothes/shoes for work on the left and casual on the right. All bags are stuffed and in their dust bags on the shelf above.

    Here is a picture of the "work" side. I have naturally come to hang them in order by blazers/cotton & polyester shirts/silk shirts/pants/skirts/dresses. Below is a shot of my work shoes (and the dirty clothes hamper). I keep my shoes in clear boxes not only to save space but to keep them safe from our two cats!



    Below is a picture of my closet's "casual" side. It's a little sparse due to today being laundry day! The natural order for this side is jeans/shirts sorted by color (print, light, dark)/camisoles/jackets/bathrobe. To the right of the shoes are two clear bins storing my cold weather clothes and my Stuart Weitzman boots in their box. I'm in AZ so sadly no need for those for the next 6 months or so.



    Here is a closer shot of my hangers. They are just a basic dark wooden hanger from Bed, Bath & Beyond.


    Last but not least- a quick shot of a few of my stored bags!


    Putting this together has made me feel a little OCD so I can't wait to see everyone else's closets! :smile:
  11. Great pictures k_Elizabeth! Very neat and organized - do you store clothes other places as well? Do you have a count of your clothes at this point? I find myself questioning everything a bit more now - do I really want to keep these silver flats? How much do I wear them, etc. - And it seems every week I like to have a box ready for consignment or things hanging going to a local one...lots going out, less coming in!
  12. I like your wooden hangers

    Great thread, loving these wardrobes but I shall just admire, as anyone who knows me my wardrobe looks more like a theatre's wardrobe dept complete with sequins, tutus and coat of many colours, I only do minimalism when in my all-black Mod artist mode.
  13. Thanks for the pics, your closet looks great.

  14. WOW, I love your closet and how neat everything is! Lovely wooden hangers too....they look so rich in that dark brown! Thank you for taking the time to share these pics for us!! :smile:
  15. :lol::lol: