show us your mini 2.55 reissue for 19k!

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  1. is it more black or charcoal? i have seen pics of different types of the 19k mini2.55. really confused of how it actually looks like. we have not got it in boutiques in Hong Kong.

    how does the sheepskin (or goatskin?) wear? do you prefer the aged calfskin or the new version?

    share with us!
  2. Here is mine! I absolutely love this leather!! It seems very sturdy and durable.
  3. Asking here too - I just got this beauty! My SA mentioned pressing the base down to flatten it out, but I don’t know what is the “right” way! What should I do!?
  4. I would say it is more charcoal than black, posted a pic to compare with a black caviar.

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  5. Beautiful! I got both the gray and the beige and pick them up Tuesday. Debating whether I will try to flatten the base or leave natural.

    Do you mind sharing whether you base has been flattened or natural? This is my first reissue and I’m just not sure what I prefer.
  6. Hi TeeCee77,
    I would say the base on this one looks like a normal mini base, not pointy as the reissue can be. The color is really versatile and suits my wardrobe well :biggrin:
    Let us know which one you decide on and good luck!!
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  7. Thank you! Beautiful little bag. Can’t wait to get mine home.
  8. Hi, may I know how much does it cost please? Thank you
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  9. hey i think i just watched your unbox video on youtube! gorgeous bags! love your set idea.

    now i know it's hard, but if you have to choose between your 19a navy mini 2.55 and your 19k black/charcoal mini 2.55, which one would be your first choice?
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  10. thank u so much for the pics! i just hope we got this beauty soon in hk! i've been waiting for weeks....
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  11. Thanks for watching my video!! That is tough...but I think I'd have to go with my new charcoal one! I love the leather and the ruthenium hardware.
  12. It was $4000 CAD.