Show Us Your LV Bandeaus! :)

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  1. Hey everyone! I ordered my first bandeau online last night, and no sooner did I order it, it was sold out! All the Bandeaus were sold out online

    So, in honor of my first LV bandeau, I was wondering how everyone wears them? Show us your cute style! (When my comes, I'll join in too!) :smile:
  2. There was only 3 styles at my Louis Vuitton Seattle store yesterday. I was VERY disappointed. I wanted a new one. They had Leopard (have it,) the new poppy in the blue/yellow/red & the blue/lavender & the monogram map in one color (which I already have but in a different color.) ~ Maybe they will get new ones in this spring/summer. ;)
  3. Which one did you get?

    I only have the leopard, just switched it to my Trevi but no picture of that, I do have one of it on my bayswater :loveeyes:


  4. Cute! Leopard is always a good choice!

    I got the modern flower (poppy) one in Pink! I LOVE the idea of pink on the mono canvas for spring summer. When I go to Vegas in March I'm hoping to get a darker color one for fall winter, but right now they're really hard to come by!
  5. She isn't tied on anything at the moment, but maybe later when my new purchase arrives. :biggrin: I also have the scarf. Love love love the spring time print!

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  6. Stunning!! :loveeyes:
  7. I like them (sometimes I don't know why) :smile:
  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393257263.770423.jpg

  9. Beautiful! Which print is this?
  10. Denim Bandeau in Cherry on my Pochette NM

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  11. Here are my two.

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  12. my speedy 35 on vday :heart:

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  13. Your bandeau is gorgeous!