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Feb 2, 2009
London, UK
I am looking to get one of these soon for work also. May I ask how its been holding up so far? Also, can you tell me if it fits a laptop? I can't seem to find a solid answer for that anywhere.
I have the same bag, which I bought last summer. Mine is from the Prada outlet (UK) so the two front pockets are zipper closure. I used for a couple of holidays and regularly as a day bag. It is showing no wear at all other than some minor fluffing around the two front pockets around the zippers. It is way tougher than it initially appears. I love the carefree style. Recommended+++


Mar 14, 2020
Hey how are you liking this pochette? I've just ordered one as it looked like a good size (compared to some similar styles).
I really like it. I had a thin black nylon strap made that I attach to the existing strap (I unhook the 1 side and clip the 2 together), and use it as a crossbody. I wore it a couple weeks ago on a cruise, and it worked out great. Since the nylon is so forgiving, it fits basically the same things I put in my LV PA.
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