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Prada Psycho

Jul 21, 2006
I have this bag on hold at Neiman Marcus. it's the Prada System nappa patchwork bag in white. Has anyone seen this bag? Am I crazy to want it in white? I need your feedback. Thanks! Oh, they don't have it in stock in black or blush, but could order it. I'm kind of tired of black bags, so I thought this would be fun, but it's $$$
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I adore white bags be they leather or nylon. However, the upkeep isn't worth the look to me. If you have a white bag loaded to go and decide to wear denim that day? Oops! Not to mention our natural oils in our skin that get all over it.

My two cents worth and exactly why I own no white bags. Even ivory colored bags are a "forget it" in my world.
Nov 17, 2020
Got the nylon backpack as my new work bag. It's great to be hands-free and the nylon is the perfect all-weather material for rainy Seattle. I also love the mixing of the "old" classic style with the new Re-Nylon material. As a bonus, I got this while on vacation so I'll have great memories attached to it. This is my third Prada bag so far and I think I'm hooked!