Show us your latest Prada additions!

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  1. I’ve been looking for a thread like this for awhile. I couldn’t seem to find one so thought I would start one.

    So do you have any latest Prada additions to your collection. :smile:
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  2. I had gotten this phone case from Saks. :smile: It doesn’t seem to be made very well; meaning it won’t protect my phone against damage if I drop it on a hard surface. but I like it a lot and figured I would use it going out. :smile:

  3. 5E7D6F0B-5568-4630-85E8-B4478F66BA7E.jpeg A1794FAC-88DB-4E57-A4D0-A91E7D64D2B7.jpeg 587D401F-CEEC-40BC-806B-CC3C3DEB42CA.jpeg ED8C84F2-81FA-48B0-AA00-B33110EFD607.jpeg Got it on clearance!!
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  5. Latest addition to my collection
    Prada 1BG044 Vitello IMG_20190126_142851.jpg
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  7. 2C8AEAF5-1623-47E1-BFC1-1FBD5160CECF.jpeg Picked this up in Hawaii last week.
  8. Prada Psycho dove off the deep end and got this beauty today. This is the photo from the listing, but I'll get around to taking my own photos later. It's from the 2015 collection and pretty much in brand new condition. It's a nice size, roomy but not over-sized or heavy. Bonus is it's lined in red leather. REAL leather, not that fake pleather stuff that Prada has been slipping by unsuspecting customers. I'm a sucker for red and a sucker for Gaufres, so this one's over the top. Hubby's picking up the tab on it so it's my Valentine's Day gift this year...and next year....and next year...and....well, you get the idea.

    Have a drool.:love:

  9. Beautiful! I always liked this style and the color is a perfect red! Congratulations!
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  10. My latest addition from Mytheresa clearance sale, medium esplanade in cipria/baltico :heart:

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  11. Here's a quick shot of the actual bag. This was taken with a flash, but still you can see the truer color resolution . The listing shot has a lot of orange in the red, but it's really a true ruby red. Just loving it. Must get a photo in natural light and (groan) a modeling shot also. Maybe later this week.

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  12. It really is a beautiful red!
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  13. Purchase this prada last week

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  14. New to me Cahier wristlet 20190213_191440.jpg
  15. This is a beautiful bag! Gaufres are beautiful and one of the best things Prada made, in my opinion.
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