Show us your latest find from's mine!- PICS inside!

  1. Thank you, bag'hem: the MT is one of my favourite styles, too!
  2. Don't know how to post pictures still, however my pre-loved Canard has arrived super fast from the ever-wonderful and super-efficient Corey and her team, and it is the perfect colour *sigh*!

    There is very little blue or green to this Canard, almost a blackish Vert Menthe crossed with Dark Knight and old Anthracite rolled together. I'm soooo happy - no longer hankering after an Anthracite Maxi Twiggy, this is how much I adore the colour of this completely distressed Canard.

    I did try taking photos, but haven't been successful at all at capturing the actual colour. It's a true deep chameleon.

    Thank you, Corey and DJ:worthy::worthy:... did I say:worthy:?
  3. Here I am slouching with the Mystery Green. (and Bal jacket)
    04 green w jacket.jpg 04 green.jpg
  4. Oh, sorry, drati!!

    l'll see what I can do for photos.
  5. TOTALLY Agree with CJ! LOVE EVERYTHING in this shot!! :biggrin:

    I dream of the day they invent a pill to make my hair curl like that.

    Someone is like a size -00 cuz she is wearing a friggin shirt AND sweater AND can still wear this bloody bag over her shoulder....don't EVEN tell me it's an oldie and has stretched out.
  6. Thanks Sky!!

    Thank you CJ that is so nice to hear!!

    And us will curly hair always wanted smooth straight hair.....

    So add a vest to that list and let your mind get blown....yes.....blown baby.
    Shirt, sweater AND vest.

    I have weirdly thin arms.

    It is about the oldies stretching out too. This is 04 and all my 04 and 03 bags...well the pewter H ones at least, are a tiny bit more roomy ...I swear the handles are slightly longer. My 05 bags all feel more snug.
    But let's face it...really....these bags aren't meant to be worn the way I like to wear them. I'm just lucky that I have Martian arms.

    Yes, I'm from Mars.

  7. A vest too??? You are evil!

    I just have monkey arms....Martian arms eh? OK, so we need to start calling you "Gazoo"!
  8. How true is that?!?! .. yet, when I look at pics of me when I was little, I had kind of wavy hair .. WTH happened????

    A-HA .. totally agree with you on the older bags .. it seems like I've been able to fit more stuff and yes, could get them around my gargantuan arms (I'm from Jupiter :roflmfao:!).
  9. You .. in the corner!!! HA HA HA ... [​IMG]

    I always liked "Marvin the Martian", from the Bugs Bunny cartoon!