Show us your kitchen

  1. :woohoo: YES - take that granite and use it in your new house when you get one!!!! It's just gorgeous.

    Loving the kitchens - this thread is so inspiring!!
  2. Wow, I love looking at everyone kitchens. We downsized 3 years ago into a house that needed updating in every room. The kitchen was one of our first projects. Now we are having booth seating installed in the kitchen and a table made to maximize the space. I wish that I had thought of it when we redid the kitchen but I am glad to finally be getting it done. This is a picture of what the kitchen looked like when we first saw the house and what it looks like now.
    Worst kitchen ever.JPG 021.JPG
  3. i;ll be taking the snaps soon and posting it here..... anyways loved the way you decorated yours

  4. Wow! The transformation is remarkable. I love "before" and "after" shots.
  5. Thanks I will update it again once we have the built in booth seating and table with a cool chandelier over the table.
  6. Gorgeous transformation! Removing those cabinets and putting pendant lighting really opens up your space.
  7. Thank you. I am still looking for a couple of barstools but am going to wait until the table and built in booth is made so that it is well cordinated. I can't wait for that to be finished. Probably another couple of weeks.
  8. I love dark cabinets! So beautiful!
  9. Me too. Dark cabinets just feel warm to me. When I had hardwood floors installed I went with a dark cherry/espresso as well.
  10. That is a good combination! I moved into a home with white cabinets. Yes, I love them but you always have to make sure that they are clean.
  11. White cabinets are so classic and never go out of style but you are right about always making sure they are clean.
  12. Here are a couple pics of my kitchen...

    From the other side of the room...
  13. Love it. It is really pretty. I love the table that you have in there as well. We have that same kind of similar corner only a bit larger/longer. That is where we are adding the built in bench seating. I can't wait until it is done. We should be able to have at least 8 people probably more where now we can seat 4. When it is installed I will post pics.
  14. Thanks! I wish that kitchen nook was larger...that is the best table we could get! :p My wish is to have a large kitchen one day with dark cabinets like you ;)
  15. Thanks so much. Well I had to get creative as well because my kitchen is pretty small being a galley kitchen. Since I am the only cook it really works perfectly for me. I did do some modifications when we redid the kitchen. I will post a pic of the front side of the kitchen from the living room. That post was taken out and we were able to push the wall back on that side about a ft. We couldn't go any more than that because the fireplace was behind it. Here is a pic of the space that is getting the built in booth seating and a custom table for the space. I am searching for the perfect chairs at the moment, but that is hard to do since I haven't seen the booth or table yet, just the sketches. Then I will be adding a couple of barstools and a chandelier. We did have a formal dining area but we are not formal kind of people and so we opted to make that space a reading room. Plus the kitchen area is lovely. We back up to mountains and it is so nice to sit at the table and watch the birds and the occasional coyote that goes through. As you can see we redid the fireplace as well when we took out the post and expanded the opening to the kitchen. We used the same glass backsplash and granite to tie the two spaces together. Prior to the renovation the kitchen had a door on each end and was very closed off. We made it as open as we could without removing the fireplace.
    IMG_0348.JPG IMG_0368.JPG 002.JPG 010.JPG