Show us your kitchen

  1. Love all the kitchens!!!
  2. beautiful kitchens in here!

    Someday :girlsigh:
  3. We currently rent a small (62mq) apt and this is our kitchen. The owner took this pics (with her own ornaments, plants, etc):


    I changed a few things trying to give it a vintage/retro look: I have red gingham centerpieces, vintage looking prints, etc... Also, my own microwave is on the counter.

    You can see the gingham fabric here:

    And this is a print I've found in a flea-market:

    Thank you for letting me share.
  4. My kitchen, as it was a month ago before we moved in. Now the island is covered in stuff (WHY do they collect everything? It's the same way dryers eat socks- kitchen islands collect all the random stuff you bring in the house) and there's actually a fridge in the fridge nook. I love it because it's so big, but it needs a lot of work- it just has no personality right now. We want to expand the island, add granite, move the cooktop to the island and convert it to gas, add a double oven, and move the microwave. I also kinda want new cabinets and better lights. We were going to do it piece by piece, but we've decided that it probably makes more sense to wait and do everything all at once next year when we've finished some other projects that are more urgent.
  5. Thank you!! I love my floors but they are so fragile! I need to get them varnished and sealed again! :p
  6. Thank you! We actually had it put in before we moved in.. that used to be the casual dining area. I like lots of bench space so an island seemed to be the right thing to put there! It's made of quartz, or reconstituted granite. They've mixed in mirrored glass bits throughout so in certain angles and lights... it sparkles like glitter!!!! :love:
  7. Love all the pics! I love looking at pictures of kitchens. Someday I hope to have a nice big kitchen with white cabinets, dark granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.

    Looking at kitchen & home makeovers is so interesting. I love Hannah's kitchen on Pretty Little Liars - that's my dream kitchen!

    Right now I have a small kitchen in my apartment and I hate it. It's so cramped and it makes it so hard to cook since I have very little counter space. I might take pictures later.

    Nillacobain - love that vintage print!
  8. Hi everyone! I thought I'd join in on the fun. Here's some pics of our kitchen (attached images). We recently built our first home and I was really glad we got the dark expresso stained cabinets with the granite. :smile: The designer did a good job recommending them.
    247113_10150192839888991_516428990_6751735_4093058_n.jpg 248218_10150192841548991_516428990_6751757_2412350_n.jpg 252643_10150192839978991_516428990_6751737_7536596_n.jpg
  9. Here's some more...We don't often use the granite bar top yet. But I hope we'll use it more often for breakfast and etc. :smile: We still haven't found the perfect bar stools...
    247793_10150196108178991_516428990_6780983_699141_n.jpg 255433_10150192840403991_516428990_6751742_2193466_n.jpg
  10. kojiko I LOVE your kitchen-the colors are gorgeous!
  11. Thanks Elara! I was worried how it was going to come together...because all we got were sample materials (that they put side by side). I'm glad we trusted the designer and builder. :smile:
  12. [​IMG]

  13. I LOVE your kitchen! The bigger the kitchen the better! :smile: Idk but I think the cabinets are gorgeous. :smile:
  14. Your appliances are simply WOW! :smile: Love love it!
  15. I think we don't have that dw anymore. It crapped out and almost caught fire so we replaced it with a Bosch.