Show us your kitchen

  1. First picture is the dining area.
  2. My kitchen is under construction, we just finished the floor and the stove is coming on the 23rd. We're replacing the countertops and we're adding upper cabinets and shelves to the area where the kitchen aid is. I'm adding a wine fridge as well. I bought a vaulted sink, just need a new faucet. I'm doing plaster repair because the last owners hid a hole in the wall!! It's been a process, but it's fun. It would be done already, but we don't use credit cards and save for things one step at a time.
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  3. Thank you very much! It was a fun renovation (I say that now that it done)

    I love everything that you are doing! I see you have experienced the joy that floor refinishing! It was dreadful and I'm still finding dust!

    I found these pulls on They did an article on the top hardware styles for white shakers. I tried to get the link but it's hard on my phone. These pulls are the Shaub & company italian design Classico pulls in satin nickel. I went through since they had a sale but definitely search for he best price. I like that I could send back pulls. I ordered extra in case the huge 13 inch were too much on top. I ended up using the extra in the laundry room and on other cabinets. I absolutely love them! The cabinet makers for my kitchen and laundry room have both recommended them to later customers
  4. I didn't have a floor, I had four layers of linoleum in my kitchen! I bought the hardwood because I liked the look in the kitchen. The rest of my house has original hardwood floors.

    I had dust though, oh did I have dust... I had an enormous fluorescent light in the kitchen. When I took it down I had noticed that the people who owned the house previously to me purchasing it...they had painted the light multiple times. There were huge holes and a 1/2 inch different from where they could paint and couldn't paint. I had to putty and sand the kitchen ceiling five times!

    I found the knobs, I'll order one and see if it works!

  5. Thank you. They are quartz. I love to cook, and this is a very functional layout with loads of counter space. We just bought our house (it was a show home) over the summer.
  6. Nice kitchen! Love the white
  7. We are in the process of putting the glass backsplash up.
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  8. This is an amazing Kitchen. Wow!!
  9. Before and afters of my little kitchen ::cutesy::





  10. Here's my kitchen and dining room. I have stained concrete on the first floor of my house. I had the kitchen and dining areas scored to look like tile.