Show us your kitchen

  1. Beautiful kitchens! I love seeing all of the different and unique styles.
    Here is my kitchen, nothing fancy but it's just right for our large family.

  2. Your kitchen is beautiful! I'll have to post mine very soon :smile:
  3. May I ask how on earth you manage to keep it so tidy! With a large family too....
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1378226839.594963.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1378226872.524632.jpg
    This is our kitchen. We moved into our 1st home in January and so far we've repainted the kitchen and added new hardware to the cabinets
  5. Thank you! I look forward to seeing yours as well :smile:
  6. It used to be difficult but three of our children are now finished with college and living on their own.
    Our youngest is in high school but has friends over all the time so keeping up after him is a huge challenge!
    My personal rule is that I never go to sleep until the kitchen is clean. I really dislike waking up to a messy kitchen. My other little secret is that my wonderful husband is great about helping with dishes! XO
  7. Many congratulations on having your first home! Beautiful!
  8. My kitchen cabinets are similar to yours, but my kitchen is so tiny. It took measuring, re-measuring and re-re-measuring to create a functional space that was also pleasing to the eye. Getting cabinets made to measure was out of the question financially. There were too few outlets (building is from the mid-1970's), and having additional outlets installed was quite an expense with these concrete walls, but well worth it.

    I depend on accessories to give that small space some oomph. To go with the white cabinets and countertops, I bought a red and white polka dotted water heater and a couple of matching canisters. For potatoes, onions and garlic there are old-fashioned ceramic pots with lids; for spices square, greenish glass containers with cork stoppers. An old-fashioned shelf with pretty bottles for oils and vinegars and the spices. There are hooks underneath for various cooking tools. Black and white checkered / striped dish towels and black oven mitts.

    The walls are painted in a very pale grayish-green sage color. While I normally don't care at all for artificial flowers, there was this dark and dreary recess way in the back of the countertop. I bought a large, thick, square glass vase and filled it with silk poppies in reds and oranges and yellows.

    About your DW. I bought a Bosch fridge, have never regretted the purchase.
  9. Same here!
  10. Here's part of my kitchen... the dining room part... I just did a wall stencil and I'm absolutely obsessed with it! It took 12 hours to do (over the course of 2 days) I have one more thing to add to the wall, but its a project that I haven't even started yet... the right pic is just looking in from the living room... the wall is so gorgeous, looks like wall paper in person... I had never done a stencil before and its definitely harder then it looks, but I am going to eventually do my entry way as well!
  11. The wall is just gorgeous!!

  12. Thank u!
  13. That wall is lovely! Love the color..

  14. Nice!
  15. Thanks! I have since moved and now live in another apt with DH while he completes his fellowship...oh, I can't wait to be away from apartment living :p