Show us your kitchen

  1. I have always loved cooking and since almost a year I have a kitchen I designed by myself. I made pictures and thought about posting it here, but there was no thread about showing you kitchen, so I thought about starting one, because I love to show you my kitchen and would also love to see other kitchens!





    Now please post yours!!!!
  2. That is very nice.

    I would get water all over everywhere with a sink like that.
  3. I LOVE your kitchen Angelastoel! I especially like the nice cool colors. And I think that dishwasher with the window would keep my cats entertained for quite a bit. You have such a lovely knack for design, apparent in all your crafty pics. Would you come to the US and redecorate my whole house? ;)

    A few years back I posted some pics of part of my kitchen and there was this thud of silence. So I don't know if I want to do that again, but I'll think about it.

    I do love your kitchen! Thanks for posting!
  4. great kitchen!!
    just kitchen counter acts like a magnet that i put most of my junk there. do you always keep it that clean (no clutter)?? how did you do it? please share. thanks!! :smile:
  5. Your kitchen is fabulous. I love it!

    BigPurseSue, I would love to see pics of your kitchen too.

    I recently redid my kitchen, but on a serious budget because I currently rent and didn't want to spend a lot of money on it. I was hoping to have bought a place by now, but it just hasn't happened yet.

    I couldn't deal with my kitchen anymore. The countertops were disgusting, had cigarette burns on them and were 50 years old, but the landlord wouldn't replace them. So, I hired a good friend who is a contractor and he replaced the countertops, sink, and faucet. I painted the cabinets myself, and he added new hardware. I think it's a huge improvement:




  6. lori,

    nice job. i hope your landlord at least gave you free rents.
  7. Thank you! The landlord doesn't know that I redid the kitchen. :ninja: I could have been evicted if they knew because "alterations" to the apartment aren't allowed. The building has new owners now and they have no idea what I did either. So keep this one quiet ... :supacool:

    And actually, as soon as I move out they will just gut my place so it looks like all the other renovated units in the building. I will probably take as much as I can with me when I do go! Including that granite!
  8. Is that a dishwasher? I thought it was a wine cooler.
  9. Gorgeous kitchens ladies!
  10. ^^ Yeah, you're right, bnjj, it's a drinks fridge/wine cooler.
    angela, your kitchen is gorgeous.
    lori, your kitchen is similar to mine but I have darker benchtops. It's very small but it's functional enough for me to get meals on the table. ;) Ours was redone on a tight budget when we bought the house. (I think we spent under $2K.) You should have seen what was here before. Yikes, it was the original kitchen from the 60s and looked like something in a derelict house with squatters. One of these days I'll knock down a wall and open it up and put a nice big kitchen in like angela's.
  11. thank you so much, the appliance with the window is actually a wine cooler! My diswasher is on the other side near the sink, hehe
  12. I designed my kitchen in a way that averything is accesible while you are standing at that spot (I am a dentist and in a practice we plan our wallking paths and when you need certain things ad did the same in the kitchen) Also the Kitchen is in our living room, so the rule is that nothing stays on the counter top and also everything has it's place, the lower part of the wall is full with drawers so you can easily acces everything. And things like the steaming oven and coffe machine are integrated in the cabinet wall, so they don't clutter the counter top.
    I also empty all the cabinets twice a year and place everything where it belongs and it gets a big cleaning by our cleaning lady every week.
  13. wow, you did a great job, especially the new counter top makes a huge difference, it looks like a new kitchen. Very creative!!!!
  14. thanks for your response....
    there was a project in our office (i am an architect) and the client was from denmark and his kitchen design was similar to yours..the oven wall was enclosed instead of upper cabinet and counter space...i think it's something european...or high end kitchen...
  15. a wall with oven and coffe maker is very polupair here, and almost everybody want a island now... if the space is there. The project guy who renovated our house liked our kitchen so much that in his new projects he has drawn the same kitchen and he also created a walk-in closet space like we had, hehe.
    He still visits sometimes to get ideas!