Show Us Your Jimmy Choo Family

  1. I thought this would be a fun thread to post your current Choo Collection. Also, feel free to throw in some of those gorgeous Jimmy Choo shoes with your bag collection.
  2. Here is my JC :choochoo:Family collection:tup:

    Sorry I haven't had a chance to snap a photo of all sitting together since I sent my little Rock back, but I will try to snap a photo soon:yes:

    I just have to get DH to get the bags off the top shelf of our closet:blush: (I'm too short)

    BTW Samantha I am dying to see your Choo Family, I am sure yours is SPECTACULAR:drool::drool:
    patentcollection.JPG shinnyjc's.JPG marcia.JPG jcfamily.JPG xlramona.jpg
  3. OMG....what a beautiful collection! I love them all! I WANT them all! :drool:

    But you know....something seems a bit off. I can't quite put my finger on it. Almost as if....wait, I know! You know that Sesame Street song? "One of these things is not like the other"? That's it! There is one bag that just looks totally out of place with the rest.

    It's that darn blue wet Riki. I know!! I almost didn't see it at first either, but now that's all I notice! Just doesn't go I tell ya.... :nogood:

    Sigh....not to worry, that's what we gals at tPF are here help each other out in times like this. So. Yes. Out of the goodness of my heart I'll take the blue Riki off your hands. No, no! No need to thank me.....just knowing that I've a done a little something for a fellow Choo lover, well, that's all the thanks I need. :angel:

    Who all can tell that I don't watch the sports part of the news and am just killing time till Leno comes on?? :huh:

    :back2topic: Fantastic collection, Robyn! Seriously, every one of them is beautiful! :woohoo::woohoo:
  4. :nuts: Gasp!!!Gorgeous, Robyn!! I mean I do know what bags you have purchased, but seeing them together is something else. Your patent collection is unreal. How often do you get stopped when you are wearing these bags? Looking forward to the family shot. I will try to take pictures of mine today. I don't have any group shots yet.

    Oh, and Stinkerbelle, what a selfless offer. How good of you:roflmfao:
  5. Check out my wishlist below :nuts: . There was a knock at the door....something happened...and then I changed my once empty wishlist.

    I'll get a pic up soon.

    And BTW, this +sized woman can get it over her shoulder, tightly, but it would work in a pinch.

    ps - It's all your know who you are!
  6. Here's my little family.

    Rasia and Ramona
    choo_1.JPG jc3.JPG
  7. Robynbenz and Greenie.......very nice bags!! Robynbenz, love your large Red Ramona,
    My love for Jimmy Choo bags started about 3-4 years ago with a bottle green Tulita hobo (which I've since sold), but the collection goes on, some of my original collection have gone to new homes, but here is the family.





  8. And the clutch

  9. Ohhhh Robynbenz and IIson. Quite a collection! I can't wait to take my pics and add to this. Come on Samantha, you started this!
  10. Robyn, I love your bags!!!! I come back to this forum and the bags are gorgeous! What is that exotic one in the front? Love it, it's absolutely stunning.
  11. ^^is the ROCK!!! she is def so beautiful ...
  12. Great JCs Greenie! Love the Rasia. What color is your Ramona?

    llson, what a collection! You have such diversity. Easy to tell you love Jimmy Choo!
  13. :lol: Sorry for starting a thread and then abandoning it. We had guests and I did not want to alarm anyone whilst taking pictures of my Jimmy Choo bags:wtf:



    jc family.jpg jc family left.jpg jc family right.jpg
  14. :shocked:OH Samantha........... I am speechless

    You are truly the :queen: of Jimmy Choos:choochoo::choochoo:

    Thanks for sharing:nuts:
  15. :drool:Greenie & Llson Your collections are TDF too:yes: I think everyone who owns 1 or 10 :choochoo:has AMAZING taste:heart: