Show us your house

  1. Post a picture of your home..

    I'll post mine once my husband gets home (I dont know how to get it from the camera to the computer yet, lol)
  2. It's a good idea, but I think it was tried once and didn't work out because of possible security issues. :smile:
  3. I'd say a good majority of us aren't comfortable posting photos of our homes on here. This type of thread was tried once but pretty much bombed after the OP posted photos of somebody elses house (they found a picture on a painters website and claimed it as their own).
  4. I would love to, but, I'm worried that in the off chance some creepy purse forums psycho happens to live/be in Hawaii that they'll hunt down my house and rob it or something. Highly unlikely, but still a possibility.
  5. I personally dont think its wise to do this either
  6. Well, I'll post a pic of our new living room couch, pillows and coffee table! We're going for a mid century modern look!

  7. ^^^nice, love it!
  8. that couch is so pretty! it looks really familiar..
  9. Gorgeous!
  10. I'll post pics of my kitchen table. I'm pretty proud of it. This house is my first house (well, I've had an appt.) and I'm pretty proud of the kitchen anyway.

    NOTE: These flowers are fakies from my wedding actually....we had these flowers all through the venue. At the end, my aunt gathered them all up and made this nice arrangement for us!
    Picture 202.jpg Picture 203.jpg
  11. I think it'd be better to just post parts of your home, like a cute bedroom you want to show off or your amazing furniture pieces :yes: BTW, beautiful living room Lori! :tup:

  12. oooh! we have that noguchi table in our vacation home - excellent taste!:woohoo::tup:
  13. ^^^I just realized you have our lamp too! (the silver floor one to the left...)
  14. beautiful, lorihmatthews. loveee the couch!
  15. Lori that is absolutely gorgeous! I will be so happy if I end with a living room that looks like that one day!