Show Us Your His & Hers

  1. image-1419323375.png

    DBF & I's wallets :smile:
  2. Oh how cute! I have the same wallet. :smile: Eventually I will convince my DH to get a graphite wallet.
  3. That's cute!!
  4. So cute! What a great idea!
  5. Cute idea for a thread! My black MC sarah and DF's graphite multiple.

  6. Cute idea!! I can't convince my hubby to carry LV. I did manage to talk him into a Coach wallet a couple years ago while on vacation- we found one for a good price at the outlet. I guess it's a good thing I haven't gotten him to enjoy LV because you should see the poor Coach wallet now- it's time to retire it already! LOL
  7. I don't own an LV wallet yet, so this is my substitute for now Mono large accessories and my DH taiga in glacier.. :smile:
    His n mine.jpg
  8. oh my goodness-- i have to say i am quite dissapointed in both my bf and the coach stuff i just bought him! Part of his xmas gift this year was a lovely messenger bag and a red mens wallet from the boutique..........SO......not only 5 days later and the spine is wrinkling! I'm so upset!!!!! Idk if its because of him or the leather! This was his "training bra" so to speak to see if he could handle a LV... so unfortunately no his and her LV just yet -_____-
  9. This is so cute! Unfortunately, DBF won't carry LV...for now, but I'll convince him soon! :devil:
  10. OMG I know just how you feel! My hubby destroys EVERYTHING- if he doesn't lose it FIRST! When I purchased my newest Chanel sunglasses, he got himself a pair of Maui's for $160 (I like how you called this a training bra HAHA!), and he lost them at work. I told him if you're going to get nice things, you need to learn to take care of them FIRST! :lol: His parents are the same way, though. He doesn't really know any better- they basically taught him "don't worry about it- we'll buy you a new one". This is what I get every time my 2 year old is at their house and I say "No Kaylee, you don't play with that". My MIL chimes in "Oh don't worry. If she breaks it I'll just buy a new one." *sigh*
  11. Ever suggested a preloved item instead to start him out ?
  12. Cute ! I wish my hubby would carry LV , he's had the same L.L.Bean wallet for 4 years .
  13. I wish my hubby would bring LV .. For
    HIm is too much .. Lol
  14. No way him a graphite wallet would look great for him lol
  15. Maybe one day he can try it out and fall in LVoe