1. Gorgeous! The CdC is always so classy! Great stack :smile:
    Beautiful ring and bracelet! They look fantastic together! :heart:
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  2. Absolutely gorgeous. Just makes me faint it is so beautiful. Love the ring! Had no idea it came in a ring version!
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  3. Thanks Nerja! My SA and I were overjoyed when finally there's a ring fits me!
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  4. The ring's design is so special. Craftsmanship is exquisite !
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  5. Chain d'ancre enchainee bracelet rose gold. IMG_1492693365.202664.jpg IMG_1492693376.322150.jpg
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  6. Thank you. I should post this here too. It was very difficult for me to find information or try this bracelet. So this is what it looks like open. It's a hinged bangle with a toggle clasp.
    IMG_1492716418.656999.jpg IMG_1492716428.537544.jpg
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  7. I am loving H jewelry more and more! To me these are more unique pieces than other brands
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  9. Pup! Congrats! This is absolutely stunning! This looks so classic and chic!

    I love this bracelet (and necklace) but my bank account is not cooperating!
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  11. Wow! Fabulous! I had no idea it was a hinged bracelet! Thxx for the post!
  12. My first H fine jewelry purchase. Not for everyone but I think it's fun and I looooove it And the rose gold is divine!!!!!!
    IMG_9375.PNG IMG_9373.jpg IMG_9374.jpg
  13. Very fun!
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