1. Absolutely stunning stack!!!
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  2. Was there today, think it was 1760 euro...
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  3. I absolutely love it! I love simple pieces and I am thinking about adding this too!

    My goodness now that's what I call a stack! I am in love with H bracelets! But the VCAs r so pretty too!!
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  4. Beautiful stack Natalie, the ring is gorgeous too :love:
  5. Thank you Ladies! Happy Sunday
  6. Beautiful! Very classy.
  7. Gorgeous! I am interested in getting the ring. They didn't have any in store when I went earlier this week.
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  8. IMAG2507.jpg with the cdc stack
  9. Think only cuz its brand new...super shiny
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  10. IMG_1491832586.472048.jpg
    Love these two pieces
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