1. This whole stack with the kelly rose gold bracelet is sooo dreamy!!!
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  2. IMG_8255.JPG

    Can't decide between the RG CDC, the RG CDC with diamonds on the pyramids, and the Cartier juste un clou!
  3. My daily stack-elegant and not flashy. IMG_1490613614.926739.jpg
  4. Super eye candy!!!
  5. Stunning! On my list too

    My vote is for RG CDC with diamonds please! I was in the same situation a few weeks ago and I ended up with the RG CDC with diamonds

    Super elegant ️... Twins on the CDC and hoping to be twins on the HDA soon
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  6. I will go against popular thought and say JUC will look great with your Love bracelet.
  7. RG CDC with diamond pyramids! Also love the JUC and own it... might be just me? find it hard to put on/off
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  9. Didn't see the ones with diamonds but my sister tried on the silver and bought the ring. They didn't have the right size in the silver bracelet for her when we were in Paris last week.

    Tried on the ring plus the gold bracelet. Was a little too much so decided to take only the bracelet.

    And thank you all for the lovely comments. Just arrived back in Asia and will start wearing bracelet once I unpack!
  10. What do you think of this simple piece?
  11. I was pleasantly surprised this week to discover just how pretty Hermes pink gold is. Most pink/rose gold looks awful with my skin tone - either too pink or copper-ish. H's pink gold is sublime and just glowed. Yellow gold is my favourite against my skin but i may need to venture into H's fine jewellery in rose gold. No pics but i tried the chaine d'ancre enchainee bracelet.
  12. Does anyone happen to know how much the diamond Chaîne d'Ancre Enchaînée ring is in Paris? Trying to compare to US pricing. If anyone has this ring I would love to hear what you think of it having worn it. Thanks ladies.
  13. My weekend stack, mixing CDC and Kelly bracelet with VCA Perlee and Tiffany cuff. IMG_1491065417.923296.jpg
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