Show us your favorite default outfit w/ a bbag included??

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  1. Post your favorite default outfit (with a bbag included) of yourself!! Can't wait to see all the modeling photos........:heart::heart:
  2. My favourite default outfit is definitely:

    1) White Blouse/T-Shirt
    2) Black Tailored Pants/ Jeans
    3) Pearl Necklace/Diamond Pendant Necklace/ Scarf in matching color
    4) Hermes Clic Clac, Tiffany's Bracelet, Raymond Weil Watch, Engagement Ring
    5) White/Black/Silver Flats
  3. [​IMG]

    Sorry for posting so many! :shame:This is definitely my default combination but I wear scarfs (long Pashminas in Deep Red, Turquoise, Pink, Magenta, Dark Green, Medium Green etc etc) nearly every day so that's the only thing that's missing! :yes:
  4. Marie, you are too adorable!!!
  5. Thank you, Hmwe46!:tender::heart: So are you!!:love:
  6. Marie, you look great in all the photos! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Marie, you look great with all your bags!! I love your classic style!!
  8. Marie,you look so beautiful,so happy with your bags!!!Thanks for sharing:flowers:
  9. thanks for posting marieg! i love all your bags. can't go wrong with a white tee. :tup:
  10. Marie you are so beautiful! I love all your photos and bags - thanks for sharing :smile:
  11. I can't to see more outfits.

    Love it Marie, very classic.

    I am looking to change my style so bring on the pics girls.
  12. marieG: i never knew what megawatt smile means except on Hollywood people, you are the true meaning of megawatt smile, your fiancee is a darn lucky person if you smile like this everyday!

    ow and i really2 love the combination of balenciaga and pants (jeans or short pants or capris or tailored pants etc) somehow i think balenciaga bags are nicer to be combine with pants instead of dresses...(except summer dresses) what do u guys think?
    i usually wear my b bags with pants and chanel bags for dresses.
  13. Marie your pics are so cute and the trusty white shirt and jeans look is perfect for any colour BBag! Thanks for posting! :heart::heart:
  14. Marie...that is my default outfit too!!!!! white tee, jeans, flats...perfect!
  15. LOL, me too. :yes:
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