Show Us Your Fave Outfits: Spin-off of Outfit your RM! (and borrowed from Bal)

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  1. I love our Outfit your RM thread. I find myself amazed with the outfits you all come up with, esp the ones from Tracy, our Resident Stylist (not an official title but it ought to be!). I don't know about you, but it's mostly about laziness on my part. I tend to wear just blah some days b/c I'm so lazy to come up with an outfit with clothes right in my closet. I'm hoping to get better at dressing myself by putting clothes together like this.
    I'd love to see your fave outfits!

    I'll start with my faves.
  2. hehe you just wanted an excuse to use your camera :P

    I.WANT.YOUR.WINE.MAB :drool:
  3. Ha! :lol:
  4. Crazy4Handbags, so cute! i love especially love the first and last ones!
  5. Thanks, Courtney! :heart:

    Anyone else with fave outfits that you want to share?
  6. i love the last one and thanks for the sweet compliment :::blush:::
  7. I'm sorry---I killed it! :P
  8. I should have some pics to contribute in the new few days. Hubby is going out of town and I can break out all my crazy purse fantasies without him looking at me like I'm a loon. Woo!
  9. [​IMG]

    Love this one!
  10. Ah so cute! I love the first and last as well! I also adore that the third is so similar to the first and yet with a few quick swaps becomes sooo different, very nice.
  11. Off topic, but now I really want one of those white shag rugs....
  12. i love your unique scarf in the last one! where did you get it? btw, im so jealous of your brown bw mab!
  13. Tracy, you're killing me with that!

    Bust out the outfits, Mock! Can't wait to see 'em!! Yeah, my hubby would make fun of me if he saw that I'm taking pics of outfits spread out on the bed. The shaggy blanket is super warm lambskin from New Zealand. It's kept us from getting sick this winter. (the heat has not been working very well)

    Sunlit, it's amazing how staples can work in so many outfits. I guess that's what Stacy and Clinton talk about.

    bayareagirl, I nabbed this scarf from a small child in the French Alps. just kidding. A store was closing down there and their scarves were at crazy prices. They're amazingly luxurious. Got them for around 80% off.
  14. it's a gift, I killed the Chat thread yesterday.....:faint:
  15. Aww tracy! You're NOT the thread killer hahaha... the RM forum has been slow in general lately... i wasn't on the board all weekend and has less than a page to read up on... Normally i was getting overwhelmed missing 2-4 pages if i didn't sign in for more than a day :faint: