Scarves Show us your "Exceptional" scarves !

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  1. As promised. Close up to hide our remodel and my PJs

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  2. Wowza! That’s even better than I expected! :ps:
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  3. These exceptional pieces are so luxurious, I wonder how many usually are made? I asked this question once at a small Hermès store in France but never got an answer, does anyone have any intel? I can understand that the number can vary a bit but in general are we talking about 100, 200, 400?
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  4. I can totally relate to this!
    By the way, your scarf magnet comment just shook my world a little bit. I have to do some research!
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  5. perfectly tied to show the most stunning part!
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  6. I used two disks:

    But I have also seen somewhere the combination of a ball and a ring

    have fun experimenting (as long as you do not need a pacemaker, but the modern ones should not be a problem...)
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  7. Twins !! Horrah !!
  8. I doubt it's even 100 globally of each but I think there quite a few different designs, colours and formats going around at any one time. I also think it varies with each.

    I was about to buy the ClF 140 CSGM from NBS London. They had had 3, only one more store had the same design in the UK and the one I was going to buy was the last. So different stores buy different Exps so there are exclusives nationally (or close). Anyway I'm making an educated guess based on evidence of what I've seen/heard at H plus some knowledge of fashion marketing strategy generally, I can't say for sure and H remains economical with their economic truth.
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  9. OMG!!!

    Really gorgeous!
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  10. Thank you dear papertiger, I appreciate your input in my question. I still regret not buying the Jardin de Leila I was shown in Nantes, but before paying 7000€ I wanted to know more about the shawl, including the number made, but I didn’t get any answers.


    Perhaps I’m reunited with one of these one day...Love peacocks and admirethe work of Leila Menchari.
  11. I hope you do, it's truly and thrillingly beautiful (and quite a price)
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  12. Wow, it is seriously stunning, your many photos spoil us!! Thanks so much for sharing and giving us a real sense of this beauty :heart:

    So so fabulous!! :nuts:
  13. I have to say for that price, I would also know a lot more details. I am surprised they don’t number them as 2/50 or somesuch, the way prints are labeled. It’s unbelievably beautiful though.
  14. Yes, I’m with you on this.
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