Scarves Show us your "Exceptional" scarves !

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  1. Yes please, lots of pictures!!
  2. I can’t wait to see how you wear this beautiful scarf!:flowers:
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  3. Absolutely not!
    I‘m wearing mine everyday. Sometimes simply combined with a pullover and a pair of jeans.
    They are too beautiful to be locked up somewhere.
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  4. That is beautiful, have a good time wearing it!

    Yes, I can imagine the weight of all these beads, but keep playing until you find a way, it is stunning!

    This is deep in grail land: clf, Arbre and exceptional, please post pictures of it worn :flowers:

    Thank you for posting the full scarf. I think it looks even better when worn, this makes it truly come to life.
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  5. #410 Apr 14, 2019
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2019
    Your wish is my command, I finally had time to take, crop and resize some pictures (if interested in full size images you can PM me, but they are huge), get ready to be flooded with pictures.
    First of all: the box is huge (mine did not come with any additional packing substances other than the paper), for comparison I took a picture with a regular 90ies box:
    jq  unboxing 1.jpg
    And also some other details:
    jq  unboxing 2.jpg jq  unboxing 3.jpg jq  unboxing 4.jpg jq  unboxing 5.jpg
  6. more details: the embroidery and beadwork is soo well done!
    I admire the finesse of the craft but also the colors on the B/W background.
    jq  details1.jpg jq  details2.jpg jq  details3.jpg jq  details4.jpg jq  details6.jpg jq  details7.jpg jq  details8.jpg jq  details9.jpg
  7. back side, again very exquisite needle work: jq  back1.jpg jq  back2.jpg jq  back3.jpg
  8. Now comes the tricky part: wearing it :nuts:
    That thing is HEAVY!! and slippery. It is as if I have to learn how to tie a scarf again from scratch.
    I tried multiple ways, always wanting to show of the feathers since these are my favourite part.
    But cowboy style just does not seem to work, neither do I like having a triangle at my back...
    rectangular with magnets looks better, need to go tho the opera like that...

    Attached Files:

  9. what seems to work better (facilitated again with magnets) seems to be in a bias...

    Attached Files:

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  10. @xincinsin , this post was so helpful and it finally made me pull the trigger.
    This scarf is heavy, not practical and will not get worn much. But soo beautiful, I am still glad I got it. I think I may have regretted not having gotten it. It even makes me grin when I see the closed box :cool:
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  11. Thank you thank you for sharing these amazing pictures! Even the backside of this is exquisite! I think you will wear this more than you realize as it seems so versatile. It can look formal or casual, an amazing exceptional. Again much congratulations to you on this beautiful piece of art.:flowers:
  12. @HoneyLocks :congrats: on your beautiful Jaquar Quetzal. It looks beautiful worn in your pics! :tup: Hope you'll be able to wear it out! :tender:
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  13. Thank you for posting all the different ways you tried wearing your truly exceptional scarf. I tried some of the ways you modeled and wasn’t thrilled with how my scarf looked but your pics gave me some other ideas to try. So true about these types of scarves being heavy and slippery. And I just fear leaving a trail of beads as I walk :panic:But I agree with both @xincinsin and you. As impractical as my Pegasus scarf is, I just love it and have no regrets buying it even though I haven’t managed to find an occasion to wear it to yet. I wish you much enjoyment with your wonderful scarf for many years to come :smile:
  14. Glad to have been of assistance :amuse:
    Your JQ is exquisite and you wear it so well!
    I feel most inspired and shall try to bring my MP out for a spin at the next wedding I attend!
    (And yes, I get chummy with orange boxes too - zounds! They probably have a name for this fetish!)
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  15. Gorgeous! I love this design! Congratulations!