Scarves Show us your "Exceptional" scarves !

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  1. Dear Croisette, thank you so much!! Yes, jackpot, indeed...! Couldn‘t be more happy had I won the lottery! :smile:
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  2. It’s absolutely stunning sammy! Congrats and so happy for your beautiful find! :heart::hugs:
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  3. Sammy, what an inspirational and amazing story! This kitty was destined to be yours! You look amazing and the shawl is stunning on you! Congrats!!!
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  4. Dear lanit! Thank you so much for your kind words!! :hbeat:
    Dear hopiko, thank you!! :hugs:Yes, it feels like destiny had its hand in getting me this grail... :love:
  5. A closeup of the exceptional C’est La Fete I picked up yesterday after it was held for me but unsure if I will keep [​IMG]
  6. Wow! stunning!
    Could you please show the whole design? TIA!
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  7. Oh my goodness!!! This is absolutely amazing! I hope you keep it.
    I’d also love to see more photos :smile:
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  8. They are all amazing in their different, respective ways. The pure, sophisticated beauty of Cheval de Nuit is the kind of timeless H-design we all hope to own a piece of someday and the Indigo Camails Kantha is the kind of cool casual that I could look at everyday. All very special and just goes to show how much can be done with a 'simple' scarf.
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  9. Thank you!

    And may I say, if ever there was a shawl made for you, it's indeed this one. So pleased your dream came true.
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  10. Dear papertiger! Thank you soo much for your nice words and compliment...!! :hbeat: (And thanks also to @xiaoxiao and @Julide for liking your post... :flowers::flowers:)
  11. I was looking for C’est la Fete Embroidered everywhere. Could you please tell me the reference number and the price. I will try to find it.
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  12. Just wanna add to the chorus: Your story made made me so happy for you!! It’s just beautiful and I’m glad it finally made its way home to you.
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  13. Wow, I agree, we need more pictures! This is really stunning!
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  14. Hi there I was told I got the last one globally, picked up a few days ago that had been store transferred for me
  15. Trying to attach some more photos here View attachment 4302809