Scarves Show us your "Exceptional" scarves !

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  1. wowwwwww here you are finally!
    in this color is super!
    totally like it dear, what an amazing find!!!
    congratulations my dear sister!
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  2. This is a wonderful story!
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  3. What an exceptional shawl for an exceptional lady. deserve to have your dreams come true.
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  4. Loved the story, looks simply stunning on you SR
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  5. My warmest congrats, it suits you perfectly and I say it's worth waiting 9 years for. Enjoy in the best of health, here's to 2019! :drinkup:
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  6. Thank you soo much, dear Ladybaga!! :heart:
    Soooo happy to own this beauty finally - and to be your sister!! :hugs:
    Thank you, dear Holsby!! :flowers:
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  7. Wow, thank you!!! What a lovely compliment... :blush:
    Thank you so much, dear Serva! :hbeat:
    Dear periogirl, thank you for your kind words!! Yes, it was definitely worth the wait.... :love: A very happy 2019 to you, too! :ghi5:
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  8. Tigre Royal is such an iconic beautiful design, and it’s truly regal in the exceptional version. :girlsigh: You’re so lucky to have it. Congratulations and enjoy it!! :drinkup:
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  9. Love your story, thanks for sharing!
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  10. Thank you so much for your nice words!! ‘Truly regal‘ describes the shawl perfectly... :hbeat: Was wearing it to my DM’s birthday party and felt like a princess the whole day... :smile:
    Thank you very much, dear HoneyLocks! :flowers:

    And thank you all so much for your Likes!!! :heart::heart::heart:
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  11. OMG that is glorious. Congratulations @Sammy Royal !
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  12. What an amazing story!!! I am on the same boat as you: I have fallen in love with an exceptional shawl for a long long time. Even though it was pointed out to me that it’s on eBay, I just couldn’t spent that much on a shawl (still can’t btw, just being honest here). Reading your experience made me smile as there is always hope!! You wear it beautifully, and it means even more that you have waited for such a long time for one. ❤️ Congratulations again and enjoy!! Your story has made the shawl even more exceptional!
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  13. Sammy I am so happy that you have found this treasure! It looks amazing on you! Congrats dear! Happy holidays to you too!:flowers:
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  14. Thank you, dear Langsam!! :flowers:
    What a wonderful post...! :hbeat: Thank you so much, dear xiaoxiao! Keeping my fingers crossed for you to find your HG soon! :tup:
    Dear Julide, thank you very much for your lovely comments!! :hugs:
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  15. Sammy, you hit the jackpot, what a wonderful x-mas pressie, huge Congratulations!
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