Scarves Show us your "Exceptional" scarves !

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    I didn't find a dedicated thread for Hermes' "Exceptional" scarves, so I am starting this one.

    "Exceptional" scarves are the pieces that Hermes creates with intricate hand beading or embroidery, and they are VERY expensive.

    For example, this is a picture of the Exceptional Pegasus shawl that I found on the web.

    Please, show off your pieces here!
    img_1682 (Large).jpg
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  2. forgive me if i don't remember the name……but this is a recent (last year) embroidered and lightly beaded scarf i had framed for my bedroom…
    the little sparkle reflections are the beaded bits, and the trailing vines are embroidered openwork circles.
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  3. Beautiful Tesi!

    The name of your scarf is "Clic Clac".
  4. Here is my contribution from 2012: 90cm Chiffon mousseline Ex Libris Au Pois (I think that is the name) the dots are sequined rosettes. Fondly called the measles scarf by some, this is really fun to wear and so light and airy. Please feel free to correct me if I got the name incorrect.
    Ex Libris Au Pois.jpg
  5. Every scarf is exceptional to me, but the Pegasus on the first post is in a class by itself.
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  6. I agree that the Pegasus is absolutely breathtaking! It truly is my favorite of all of the "exceptional scarves." Too bad my money tree was but a seedling when these came to my boutique. :P
  7. This is beyond stunning! I need it!!!
  8. This is gorgeous!!!!
  9. Quadridge
  10. Info about it
  11. Opened up
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  12. Brides de Gala GM 140 in Black and white,
    sterling silver sequins, crystal beads, and silver beads.

    Heavy but SPECTACULAR....and soooo expensive!
    Brides prcieuses 9.jpg
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  13. :faint::love::loveeyes:Very cool!! I love the black and white!
  14. Patch, And Eperon d'Or Indigo ?
    Patch.png Eperon d'Or indigo.png

  15. I reckon patch, I wanted to buy the indigo but it stains (it has a warning about wearing it with light colour clothing). When my sa was showing it stained his gloves. But both are beautiful.