Show Us Your Etsy Buys =)

  1. My first purchase was a set of robot pillow cases! Super cute.

    Here's a picture (seller's pic):

  2. Nice! Is that Candy? Was the Hello Kitty head part of a toy?
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    Wow!! I love the podbark or whatever it's called. I wonder if he makes it for the iphone.
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  5. i realize this quote is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay old lol
    but this is the seller i bought the ring from and the ring i then mentioned is now $22 instead of $12!

    i ended up losing mine too :sad: i think it got knocked off my sink without me realizing it and then got sucked up by the vacuum.

    i also bought a pair of the 'dot' earrings by this same seller. i wear them every day! they have martini glasses stamped into them.
  6. Alkemia Perfumes. I am addicted and have every single one of them. And her Shea Butter Body Lotion CANDLE is to die for! :cloud9:
  7. I bought this sign for like $7.00 back before Valentines day for my fiance :smile:
  8. One of my purchases from Unearthed!

    Feedback: WOW! I was sold by the shop photos and the feedback so I bought three fabulous Unearthed pieces... I am so glad I did! The craftsmanship is extraordinary, the color is vibrant and the metal work is some of the best I have seen... These pieces are worthy of a case at the finest stores and boutiques!

    Tangerine (High Gloss) Snakeskin Gold Lined Cuff

    Raspberry (High Gloss) Snakeskin Gold Lined Cuff