Show Us Your Etsy Buys =)

  1. I never checked this site 'til I was looking for a personalized shirt for my DS' 1st birthday... since my 1st purchase, I'm HOOKED!

    This ETSY Site is soooooo cute!!! love all these hand made/personalized stuff!

    I am already placing my 2nd purchase (with a diff seller). :graucho:

    Here's my 1st purchase:

    the seller's theme is using leaves on the prints.. very creative and cute!
    here's another example of her creation:

    now, I'd love to see what my fellow pfers has purchased from ETSY! :graucho:
  2. Here's a bad pic of one of mine: "He who holds the key can unlock my heart" necklace


    My BF has the key :p

    Your DS' onesie is too cute!
  3. that is soooooo cute!!! btw, does MJ's Daisy perfume smell good?
  4. I personally love it, my mom thinks it's a little strong. I really hate strong perfumes, so it's a good choice for me. I say go out and sample it if you haven't already - has a really fresh, floral scent to it.
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    ^I almost got that necklace! and twochubbycheeks, I don't find MJ Daisy too strong. My sister liked it so much she got herself a bottle. But I would definitely sample it out on your skin, some perfumes react differently and it may not smell the same on you as it does on a piece of paper.

    Anyway, I love etsy!

    Here's an iPod case i's made out of wood! I wrote all over it, though...

    And here's my agenda! Each week has pictures. So cute!
    IMG_6784.JPG IMG_6785.JPG IMG_6787.JPG

  6. I'll definitely try out the MJ Daisy. The bottle looks so cute! I wanted to buy it when I first saw it at our Exchange Store but hesitated, then when I came back for it.. it was gone. =(

    my gosh! the wooden ipod holder is soooo cute!!! is it heavy???

    love the agenda, did you made it?
  7. omg i loooove etsy! some of their stuff is amazing like i can't beleive people created that!!
  8. I havent bought anything in a while, but this is the last thing I sold...[​IMG]
  9. notmuch, that is adorable! What is your shop addy?
  10. oops nvm, I just saw it in your siggy. ;)
  11. i'm thinking about purchasing soon.... i can't decided between these two!!!! both are the same style of bag


  12. ^^ cute!! there's a ring on etsy im really debating as's very small with a tiny star, all sterling silver...and only $12!

    I recently either lost or misplaced a bunch of my nice rings (my class ring included....arrggggg) so i'm thinking about starting up my ring collection again. I used to have about 5 rings i wore and during college i stopped wearing them because I took a painting class...never got into the habit of wearing them again... and about a year ago when i wanted to wear them again.. no where to be seen... :sad: most of them were rings i bought at different vacation spots I would go to.
  13. ^^
    Do you have a link to the ring??

    I've been on a mission to get more jewelry too!! I'm thinking about putting an Alchemy listing up for a single finger ring that features my name written in wire that's in a scripted/curly-q font.
  14. I bought VINTAGE TYPEWRITER KEY CUFFLINKS for my boyfriend.They are very sweet.