Show us your Etsy bags/purses

  1. Hi Everyone and Happy New Year to you all.

    I did a search for handbags bought from Etsy and no thread came up, so I thought I would create one. I often stumble over to the favourite Etsy sellers thread but thought a thread dedicated to Handbags would be fitting considering this forum.

    I love Etsy, but sometimes the search for great bags can be never ending. Have you bought a bag or purse from Etsy that you would love to share along with the Esty sellers shop name?

    Look forward to seeing them,
  2. Good idea! I have seen a lot of really cute bags on Etsy and I'd love to hear (& see) from anyone who's bought them!!
  3. Great idea! I have a few I can post later, my camera battery needs charging first.
  4. Look forward to seeing them. Thank you.
  5. Gorgeous bag, love the pop of colour and the detailing.
  6. I can't locate my charger right now but here are links to the shops I've bought bags from:

    First up Sakura Urban. Love their stuff! It is very well made and beautiful.

    Secondly The Funky Bag Lady. These are fun little fabric bags. They are also well made but do have a handmade look to them. I don't carry them very much now, but I used to have half-a-dozen of them that I would rotate, and I got more compliments on these bags than any other bags I've carried! The seller is also a real sweetheart.

    Unfortunately the other seller I've bought bags from doesn't appear to be on Etsy anymore so I can't post a liknk to the third one.
  7. Some lovely things.
  8. I love Etsy but never purchased a bag from any of the sellers.
  9. I just went onto Etsy for the first time a few days ago and found a lot of stuff I'd love to order! There are a lot of cute things on that site.
  10. ^^
    Oh, that's lovely! I have many times admired the bags & pouches in that particular shop.

    Iris- Your Morelle bag is beautiful! The leather looks delish and the bag looks to be of great quality! Thank you for posting. Do you mind sharing your height for reference?
  11. Thank you! The leather is really yummy and also quite durable too! I'm 5'8".
  12. ^^Oh, so it's a pretty large bag then! How long have you had yours? Is it wearing well? Too bad their shop is on a hiatus. :sad: I am loving the Truffle in Yellow!
  13. I've had it for almost two years now and it doesn't show any signs of wear. I usually only wear it in the spring and summer because of the color, but I'm not particularly gentle with it though.

    When I first got mine, she had such lovely colors that I really had trouble picking just one!!