Show us your dolces

  1. About a month ago, I had this crazy desire to start collecting dolces. Thank goodness sanity came back to me before I spend a fortune on them and it's a good thing too that they are rather hard to find. Anyway, I managed to get a pirata and an inferno and I am in :heart: with them!! So here are pics of my new love. If you have dolces, show them off here too.:p
    Inferno front (low res).jpg Inferno back (low res).jpg Pirata front (low res).jpg Pirata back (low res).jpg
  2. ooooh I love dolces too. I dunnos if I have great pics of all of them though. I have OP, black w/OP inside, foresta, CR, and a tutti... lemme see if I can dig up some pics! :nuts:
  3. mytokiluv-loving the dolces! the pirata and inferno has (imo) the perfect placment.

    well i had 2 dolces, but sold my adios star dolce so i just have my famiglia dolce...

  4. And here are some pics of me carrying them, in case some of you need reference pics. By the way, I am 5' 2.:p
    Inferno dolce from the back.jpg Inferno dolce in hand.jpg Pirata Dolce.jpg
  5. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    not the best placement on either, but I love Moz and the monkeys!! :graucho:
  6. Spiaggia and Tutti dolces--I might not keep the Tutti one though
  7. oooh I found pics of my other dolces! only one side of them though....

    signed citta rosa dolce...

    OP dolce (pic from butterpecan1)

    and finally the boring black one w/OP inside... (pic from Julie)

  8. mytokiluv - I fell in love with Dolces earlier this week when you first posted the pic of your Pirata.:graucho:

    That's my new mission!! To get a Dolce.:drool: I just don't know what print I would get. So far I've been a good girl and bought one bag style for each print. Except I have 2 Bambinos. :sweatdrop:

    Which print do you guys think looks best on a Dolce?
  9. Everyone's Dolces are SOOOO cute! This is really making want one!!:yes:
  10. Here's the front of my paradiso dolce:


  11. here are mine! i returned my famiglia dolce to get my tutti one...the famiglia's cute...but tutti is just too cute to pass up!
    DSCN0965.JPG DSCN0966.JPG
  12. oooooooooooh yeah....... I have an amore dolce too!!! I totally forgot about that one!!! hahaha... I'll have to take a pic of it! too many tokis... :rolleyes:
  13. Momo where'd you get your tutti dolce, stoneridge? :graucho:
  14. I love your Spiaggia Dolce, it doesn't have any of the women. Only toki toons!! Yay!!:rolleyes:
  15. [​IMG]


    & my former paradiso dolce, which i traded for my l'amore denaro: